Cover From mastering calm through meditation to optimising your health through an anti-aging diet, we list out eight books on wellness and resilience (Photo: Courtesy of Unsplash)

We're listing eight wellness books to help you master your inner calm, navigate change and optimise your well-being during the pandemic

While the number of Covid-19 cases may be dwindling down in Hong Kong, stress levels remain high due to the numerous uncertainties that still occupy our minds during this time. 

According to recent studies, worrying about friends and family is one of the main drivers of Covid-19 stress. As much as we try to escape these feelings through binge eating and exercise, researchers found that these habits are doing little to improve our mental state. 

To help ease pandemic stress, mindfulness techniques and learning more about wellness and resilience could help. We found the best wellness books on the market to help you master your inner calm, navigate change and optimise your well-being during these difficult times.

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1. Option B

Have you ever thought about resilience as a muscle that can be built? Written by Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg and psychologist Adam Grant, Option B is Sandberg’s autobiography where she shares her personal insights on navigating grief and building resilience after her husband’s sudden death in 2015. 

The book goes beyond Sandberg's own experience and also covers Grant’s research on finding strength in adversity, exploring how people overcome different hardships such as illnesses, sexual assault, war violence, job loss and natural disasters. 2020 hasn’t been anyone’s option A, but we can all make the most of our option B. 

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2. SuperLife

If you’ve watched Zac Efron’s new Netflix docu-series, Down to Earth with Zac Efron, you might recognise this book’s author, Darin Olien. Superlife identifies the five forces that will help people maintain a healthy weight and prevent diseases: Quality nutrition, hydration, detoxification, oxygenation and alkalinization. 

The book provides a comprehensive guide to nutrition and health, including shopping lists, formulas and recipes to help you reach your full potential.

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3. Life Is in the Transitions: Mastering Change at Any Age

Change is scary no matter your age. After going through a personal crisis, author Bruce Feiler went and collected stories from hundreds of people across America in order to find ways to navigate life’s transitional periods with more meaning, balance and joy. 

Life Is In The Transitions offers strategies for people who are struggling to cope with unsettling times and transform these moments into opportunities for growth and creativity

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4. Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

Breath work and breathing techniques have been put in the spotlight this year as more people try to find calm during these challenging times. Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art details the importance of breathing correctly and backs it up with evidence from medical journals, interviews and cutting-edge studies.

Whether you’re looking to improve your athletic performance, halt autoimmune diseases or stop snoring at night, learn how to improve your overall health and prevent diseases by giving this book a read.  

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5. Outer Order, Inner Calm

Just because the hype for Marie Kondo’s decluttering method has died down, doesn’t mean her lessons have to be. A book on tidying and organising, Outer Order, Inner Calm encourages readers to get rid of things we don’t use or need to free up space in our mind and house for things that we value. 

Filled with ideas, strategies and tips on how to create an orderly environment that you can thrive in, this book will inspire you to look inside your belongings and take steps to become a happier, healthier and more creative version of yourself. 

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6. A Monk’s Guide to Happiness: Meditation in the 21st Century

We’ve all heard about the benefits of meditation by now, but how many of us actually incorporate it into our daily lives? A Monk’s Guide to Happiness is a book written by Gelong Thubten, a Buddhist monk who teaches non-religious meditation and mindfulness practices to everyday people. The book explores the nature of happiness itself and teaches methods for people to choose happiness and develop a more positive outlook on life through practicing mindfulness in our daily lives.

If you’re someone who tends to be hard on yourself during times of struggle and growth, A Monk’s Guide to Happiness could help you learn how to show compassion to ourselves and to each other. 

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7. Resilience: The Life-Saving Skill of Story

According to studies, social connection helps to lower anxiety and depression as well as raise self-esteem and empathy. One of the most common ways we connect with others is Staying connected with others is essential to living a happy life—and one of the easiest ways we connect with others is through storytelling. 

Resilience: The Life-Saving Skill of Story is a book that helps people become better storytellers and use the skill to motivate, learn and connect with your community. Published in May this year, this book is the teacher you didn’t know you needed in the pandemic world when in-person connection is severely lacking for most. 

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8. The Telomere Effect

Have you ever woken up feeling as if you’ve aged ten years overnight? While we can’t control our age, there are ways for us to reverse ageing and strengthen our immune system in order to stay ahead of illnesses and feel younger than we actually are. 

Written by Elizabeth Black who won the Nobel Prize in 2009 for decoding telomere, a biological indicator enzyme, and health psychologist, Elissa Epel, The Telomere Effect details telomerase and telomeres’ role in the ageing process, thus explaining ways and habits people can try in order to protect these enzymes and slow down our body’s age clock. From sleep, exercise and diet, The Telomere Effect will make you reassess your daily habits and motivate you to take action to a better lifestyle. 

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