The most stylish and sustainable way to sip

Down to drop some green to be green? Mother Earth will thank you for putting your money where your mouth is once you have added this Tiffany & Co. sterling silver straw to your daily arsenal.

The iconic jewellery brand recently released its own fabulous version of the crazy straw as part of its new Everyday Objects home and accessories collection, designed to “make everyday objects extraordinary”.

Considering the straws alone come in plain silver, rose gold and yellow gold vermeil, with a starting price tag of US$250, there is nothing ordinary about these objects.

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These straws are part of a handcrafted collection that aims to elevate traditional accessories such as pill box or tennis paddles into works of art to become your favourite everyday pieces. Each object in the collection are made of silver, enamel, leather, or walnut wood.

All of the items in the line also have a signature “Tiffany blue” accent. On the straw, this can be seen in a classy band at the top, indicating this isn’t just any reusable sipper.

And whether you’re buying it for yourself or elevating a friend’s save-the-environment game, you can also personalise your straw with custom engraving.

If the style of the crazy straw isn’t quite your thing, Tiffany actually has a small range of elegant sterling silver straws each decorated with a different creature including a dragonfly, monkey, ladybug or cheeky crawling ants.

Whatever your preference, there’s almost no excuse to not join the reusable straw movement. As global warming and climate change become serious topics for all to consider, the release of such an ornate item actually comes at a very opportune time.

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