In a city as hectic as Hong Kong, no one would blame you for investing some serious dollars in your rest and relaxation methods. Sleep pods, which have been on the market for some time now, have become increasingly common in airports, offices and—more recently—in people's homes. But which one is the best for ultimate revitalisation? Find out below.

1. The Tranquility Pod

The Tranquility Pod from Hammacher and Schlemmer is also a popular option for high-quality relaxation pods. The shiny, round, fibreglass body is designed to block 90% of outside noise while the inside equips you to play music from its integrated sound system using your smartphone. Stretch out on the 182 cm (6 feet) octagonal waterbed—which has a suede-topped, temperature-controlled memory foam cushion—and you may never come back out.

To set the mood of your personalised sanctuary, the pod is outfitted with a pulse sensor that synchronises your heart rate with the LEDs that line the capsule’s interior; a feature exclusive to Hammacher Schlemmer. You can also use your phone to change the colours of the lights from the pod’s app. In comparison to other pods, like Relaxman (see below), the US$30,000 price tag will also put your mind at rest.

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2. Podtime

For something a bit more utilitarian—in build and in price—Podtime’s modular, cylindrical body comes with two different entry styles (side or front) and is even stackable if you and your loved one are seeking quality pod time at the same time. Standard features include smooth sliding doors, internal LED lighting, a shelf for your belongings and a mattress for your relaxation journey.

You can even add optional features such as internal electronics, like a TV, or full, partial or open end sections. From just US$3,985, Podtime could be the perfect entry point into the relaxing world of capsule rest.

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3. Relaxman

The famous anti-ageing clinic Biotonus recently took the sleep pod to the next level with its relaxation pod, Relaxman, now available for purchase on Amazon. Already used in health clinics all over Europe, you can now enjoy all the isolation benefits of this capsule in your own home.

Sealed from outside heat, light and sound, the temperature-controlled water mattress and a pre-programmed soundtrack of soothing music with gentle glowing lights will lull you into another dimension of rest. Biotonus research that shows that a 50-minute rest in their pod’s negative ion-enriched ambience noticeably reduced tension, anxiety and fatigue. At US$89,995, it might be worth it for the years of sleep you’ll regain.

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