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Welcome to July! Tatler's astrologist, De Rui and founder of Hong Kong-based astrology service, Chart Life brings us our monthly horoscope forecast for July 2021

It’s the dog days of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, where soaring temperatures make doing anything but sip an ice tea seem exhausting. Just as well, since the beginning of this month requires us to be selective about where to put our energies. Mars and Venus get entangled in the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square, suggesting no matter how much you want to act on your impulses and desires, authority figures will likely have something to say. Keep travel and other plans flexible as the situation evolves. 

July is sprinkled with positive planetary contacts to Uranus and Neptune, indicating plenty of ingenious ideas and inspired creativity. Venus catching up to Mars mid-month makes for an especially romantic time for building intimacy and connection. 

The Full Moon is illuminated in Aquarius on July 24, very shortly after the Sun moves into Leo. Collective goals, as well as our comrades and fellow travellers in life can come to the foreground. You can receive some clarity on what kind of future you want to create, and who to do it with. 

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Effortless alignment is the theme of the month. Your goals and preferences can be easily fulfilled, whether you spend more time out and about, or indulging in quiet me-time.

The asteroid Chiron, known as the Wounded Healer, turns retrograde and doubles back over your sign until December, giving some of you another chance to strengthen parts some of the weaker parts of your ego. Meanwhile, interactions with others are likely to be very rewarding.  


Your day-to-day life can run like a well-oiled machine at the moment. To maintain that high degree of efficiency, stay nimble and adjust your plans as new situations arise. Interpersonal relationships, on the other hand, are more of a challenge this month.

Others’ critical remarks can strike at your sense of self. Tension – or even an attraction – may develop with someone whose values are at odds with yours. Hold things lightly.


Mercury’s extra-long stay in your sign is about to wrap up, so book any speaking engagements, writing exercises, or Scrabble games into the first half of the month. When the energy shifts, your signals become a little less clear to your audience.

Social situations are likely to offer creative outlets all month. Work targets and other tasks can also be fulfilled as if by magic. Building tension surrounding an aspect of your lifestyle may start to resolve itself in the latter part of the month.  


Laying low to reflect can be very beneficial in the current period. A New Moon in your sign on July 10 unites external experiences with our inner emotional reality, bringing a sense of wholeness and peace.

Social situations aren’t likely to be very fulfilling until the latter part of the month, when you may feel more chatty and curious. Jupiter bestows optimism and faith through the end of July. 


With Venus and Mars meeting in your sign, refined assertiveness and focused, ardent love radiates from you effortlessly. Your confidence and social charms are about to crescendo.

Words and messages can flow easily and you’re likely to find a lot of common ground with others this month. For those of you born at the end of July, this is a great year to have a party, online or offline. As the month winds down, an opportunity to improve your health or lifestyle presents itself. 


Take advantage of asteroid Vesta’s last few weeks in your sign, when improvements to your habits and routines are easier to achieve. July is not the best month for your love or money, nor is it the time to make a lot of progress with work projects.

Constructive comments from others especially can really rub you the wrong way. By the latter half of the month, communicating will be easier. Show gratitude to the friendly souls that come in to give you a supportive boost. 


There is potential for creatively realising some of your goals and desires in July. A good blending of yin and yang energies in the Universe comports with how you see yourself.

Your words and ideas flow easily in the first half, and are more likely to be accepted by others. Your social life could be extra buzzy and exciting as others align with your tastes and preferences. In the latter part of the month, a lifestyle change or new routine makes you feel great. 


The Universe is, once again, putting your ego to the test. Your relationships might not be in the best shape. At work, others competitive or challenging energies may not bring out your best side.

Although things may look rough, throughout July you are supported by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion, and faith. Keep up the faith in yourself and you will be able to pass these tests with flying colours. 


The parade of planets moving through the sign of Leo this month is great for both your work and social life. You can really turn up the charm to get what you want.

Someone with whom you resonate may lend a helping hand in the second half. At some point, something you say will not land right and you may find yourself doing some damage control. With your powers of persuasion at full strength, it will be easy to smooth out any misunderstandings. 


As with Pisces, the next few weeks probably won’t be the most productive in terms of combining your goals and efforts with others. Social activities also may not be particularly exciting.

Your best bet this month is to focus on upgrading your routines in order to optimise your health and productivity. If you don’t act early, it’s possible something will force you to look at it later in the month. Someone in your life can offer up some hilarious and playful banter. 


The Full Moon in your sign on July 24 highlights how you are unique and the contributions only you can make. You may feel more pulled to gather with friends or your network. If you do, be prepared that others’ tastes and efforts might not be aligned with your own.

Part of the beauty of friendship is the ability to “live and let live.” Differences with others right now will allow you to see what sets you apart, in a good way. 


Perhaps not the best month for socialising or making progress at work, July is a time for upgrading your habits and lifestyle. A health issue may come into the full light of day, triggering a change in your routines.

Supportive figures may help reaffirm your identity and specialness. Those born in the later part of February can enjoy the optimistic and abundant energies of Jupiter before it leaves your sign. By the end of the month, your words and ideas will flow more freely.

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De Rui is a Hong Kong-based Western astrologer and the founder of Chart Life, a personalised astrology service for those who want specific insights for love, business and personal growth. She offers the standard caveat that the most relevant astrological interpretations are based on birth charts.  De Rui is a member of the British Astrological Association and the National Council for Geocosmic Research, and is a graduate of Harvard College.  

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