Cover We'll be navigating through Mercury retrograde, Father's Day and the beginning of summer in June (Illustration: Chesca Gamboa/ Tatler Asia)

Masculine energy is in play as we march toward the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Welcome to Tatler's June horoscope reading.

June marks the mid-year point of 2021—De Rui, Tatler's astrologist and founder of Hong Kong-based astrology service, Chart Life breaks down what June has in store for us. 

While we spend more time soaking up the Sun’s vitality, the Warrior planet Mars is lining up to challenge first powerful Pluto, then boss-planet Saturn. Collectively we are being shown how to deal with authority figures in a more productive way.

The 2021 dance between the realism of Saturn and the futurism of Uranus reaches a peak on Duanwu, a.k.a. the Dragon Boat Festival observed by Chinese communities around the world. Celebrations in honour of the patriotic 4th century B.C. poet (who spoke truth to power) may coincide this year with societal scepticism about new tools or inventions. The future is not having an easy time breaking free from the past.  

The June 10 solar eclipse in Gemini is an opening to reflect on your learning, sharing, and networking. Resolve to say yes to invitations and to keep more of an open mind. Mercury’s retrograde motion during the better part of June indicates that listening well could be very beneficial.

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Opportunities for creative pursuits could present themselves, especially in areas like music or art. You could be especially communicative or receptive on a different emotional wavelength than you are used to.

Follow your heart into this new territory. Love or money could be abundant at the moment—just don’t squander your good fortune on undeserving people. If powerful figures are cramping your style right now, hang in there until the energy shifts in the second half.


You are unusually capable of getting your way right now, especially in the first part of the month. Take advantage of the supportive vibes by getting more done in the coming days. When the energy shifts and your confidence dips, too much struggling against those who have more power will not be helpful.

At that time, a better idea would be to relax and enjoy some self-care or family time. There could be some positive surprises when it comes to love, money, and anything you deem valuable.


The New Moon solar eclipse in your sign on June 10 brings it all home. Embrace the sense of wholeness that comes with the alignment of emotional experience with external reality. Indulgence and socializing can take up more time since you are not likely to feel particularly effective at work.

As we move into June, the energy shifts and you will want to work harder than you play. Mercury doubling back in your sign makes this a potent time for insights on the special kind of impact only you can make.


With Venus and Mars transiting your sign, you are most likely to balance confidently pursuing your personal agenda without riding roughshod over others. Your sense of social warmth and connection are actually highlighted this month. Spend time with the people and activities you truly value.

Your effectiveness with goals continues to be supported in the coming weeks, so take full advantage by getting things done early. Double-check your texts and emails in particular to ward off minor misunderstandings.


The buzzy vibe in your recent past is downshifting momentarily to a more relaxed pace. Quiet contemplation in particular could give you a chance to more fully process events of the past few months.

Putting your feet up and listening to a good album could bring in surprisingly good insights. Social interactions in June might be endurable but not especially exciting, as other people’s tastes and interests are mismatched with your own. As the month progresses your confidence and vitality will be on the upswing.  


The first half of the month is great for checking off your to-do list and making satisfying progress toward your goals. Love, social, and money opportunities present themselves also.

As with Aries and Libra, you will want to be discerning about who or what is truly worth your while. Misunderstandings are a real risk this month while Mercury is in retrograde. Be sure to triple-check your communications and don’t cut anything too close with your plans.


Interactions with people are bringing all sorts of new opportunities and you will need to filter out the scenarios that won’t serve you. As with Leo, restful downtime this month will make some space for new mental connections to be made.

You could find yourself drawing some new conclusions from events of the recent past. The second half of the month will bring more productivity and effectiveness. If certain powers that be knock your confidence a bit, take it easy and know that the energy will shift mid-month.


It might not be immediately apparent but the energy surrounding your love and money are about to turn positive. Once Venus moves into Cancer in the first week of June, you will feel a much greater sense of social ease in all of your interactions.

While the Universe has recently supported your goals and impulses, it may get increasingly more challenging to get your way. Try to clear your to-do list and book your competitive sports into the first part of the month. If there is a nagging unease or unresolved feelings, meditate or take some alone time to process how you feel. 

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A change in your broader beliefs and attitudes may be underway following the lunar eclipse in your sign in May. This month, with Mercury retrograding in Gemini, any challenges to your views or opinions should be taken as opportunities to refine your thinking. You are being given a chance to clarify how you really feel.

Social interactions may be somewhat uncomfortable at the moment, and you might be self-conscious about what you think are your flaws. After an energy shift mid-month, you will find it easier to get your way.


The Full Moon in your sign this month will show you exactly what makes you unique in this world. You can emerge with a much better sense of how you want to shine going forward. This isn’t likely to be an overly sociable or achievement-oriented time for you.

Challenges to your will are possible and your confidence around people may not be at its strongest. What is necessary now is consolidation and integration of your experiences from the recent past. Remember that sometimes blessings come in disguise.


How to deal with authority and the structures in your life come to the foreground as Saturn doubles back in your sign. It may be time to make big changes to how your life is organized to factor in where you want to go.

Anyone who tries to obstruct your efforts could actually be raising some good points and turn into someone helpful. While social interactions might be rewarding now, you are also especially receptive to divine messages. Make space for silence. 


This could be a busy time filled with business and social engagements galore. Not everything and everyone will turn out to be what they seem but it is good nonetheless to put yourself out there.

The first part of the month is excellent for making solid progress toward goals or targets. Double-check your communications and be sure to put in extra cushions of time and resources where you can to make sure plans stay on track. Love and money flow easily in the second half of June.

About Our Astrologer

De Rui is a Hong Kong-based Western astrologer and the founder of Chart Life, a personalised astrology service for those who want more insight and support for love, business and personal growth. De Rui is a member of the British Astrological Association and the National Council for Geocosmic Research, and is a graduate of Harvard College. 

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