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With this month's astrology reading, we're looking ahead to see what April will hold for us as the month begins with joint Easter celebrations and Ching Ming Festival

Spring is underway. As melodious birdsongs fill the air and the weather warms (in the northern hemisphere), optimism is also blooming for our emergence out of the pandemic’s shadow. New insights and rhythms that we discovered in the past year will now be looking for more solid structures. The 2021 drive to restore “normal” life however might slow us down from putting epiphanies into action.

Collectively this month, buckle up for some turbulent energies as the major outer planets work on us one after another. April begins with Neptune clouding our judgment before Pluto enters mid-month to press for change. Just before the Sun moves into Taurus on April 20, Jupiter offers relief by extending creative ideas. By the end of the month, the clash between old rules (Saturn) and new realities (Uranus) reminds us that the world is still in the process of being remade. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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A parade of planets moving through your sign this month brings supportive vibes. Use the early part of April for any writing or speaking––you will be mentally fast on your feet and emotionally able to connect well.

You are likely to be in fine physical form as well, especially if there is a variety of activities for you to do. Family, friends, and life partners can be counted on to boost your sense of freedom and independence. At the Aries New Moon on April 12, you could experience a satisfying alignment between your needs and your goals, your inward feelings and your outward behaviours.


New and seemingly random opportunities for your money and lifestyle may present themselves. While they may not seem like things you normally go for, a little diversification at this time wouldn’t hurt. You might actually find it quite rewarding.

When it comes to logistics, this month you are prone to some blind spots––pay attention to things like missed calls and important emails going to Spam. Those born at the end of the month might be tempted to indulge in a little celebrating. After the Sun enters your sign on April 20, your social, mental, and physical energies will be firing on all cylinders. 

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With Mars the mythical Warrior making its way through your sign for most of the month, your vitality and will power continue to be well supported. Make the most of it by reaching for goals that normally would be hard to take on.

Geminis born in mid-June especially would do well to tackle hard projects or physically demanding activities before the last week of April. Social encounters could be more inventive than usual. Your money instincts and investment sense can also be heightened. This is a good time to go with your gut – the first reaction is most likely the right one.


The energies in the Universe right now can present some challenges. Misunderstandings with what you say or write may be more frequent. Other people’s tastes or preferences may go against what you consider to be good. At some point, you may be asked to do something you find to be way outside your comfort zone.

The activity is most likely to be harmless and could even become something to spices up your usual routine. In the second half of April, the energy straightens out and you will sit more comfortably, especially after Mars moves into your sign in the last week.


Your role as a parent, mentor, or nurturing figure of some kind may offer a sense of purpose at the moment. Encouragement from you can help someone become the free spirit they want to be. Words in general come more easily to you this month so take the opportunity to compose a long email or catch up with a friend.

With Venus in Aries in trine to your sign, you can find connecting with others to be quite fulfilling right now. It may not be possible to cross everything off your to-do list without some effort. Luckily creative solutions are readily available.

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The first half of the month could feel like an episode of “The Twilight Zone”. Other people’s choices just don’t make any sense, and neither do their opinions. Take some time out for yourself to recharge and reflect.

Look into improving your health and routines, while asteroid Vesta continues her retrograde in your sign. When the energy shifts in the middle of the month, you’ll find it much easier to relate to others. Tasks and goals will also require much less effort to complete at that point.


Intriguing characters may show up this month to help illuminate what you value and what you really think. A disagreement of some kind could be useful for clarifying where you stand.

With anyone you’re looking after, take extra care to balance between caring for them and caring for yourself. This will help ensure you are giving the most high-vibrational, non-judgmental kind of love. Meanwhile, the Universe is supporting your forward-moving momentum through the middle of the month, after which you might find it harder to get your way.


This period is more charged and potent than usual, and there is much to be gained if you are ready to tackle the high cosmic seas. A nagging feeling of energetic dissonance or people not being straight with you colour the first part of the month. By the second half, those challenges will present themselves in the full light of day––perhaps a relief just to be able to see more clearly.

Whether you change direction or stay the course, trust that you can navigate through in a respectable way. By the time the Full Moon appears in your sign, you could already be feeling much more effective and certain of who you are.


Decisions about money or love are best made in the first part of the month. Your words and thinking are also likely to flow more easily during that time. With Mars in harsh aspect all month, you may not feel you’re in the best physical shape.

Similarly, it may be wise to lower your expectations of what you can accomplish at work. Like Leo, you are in a position to be a positive influence as a parent, mentor, or nurturing figure. Focus on offering your support to someone else instead of fighting your own battles at this time.


You may receive some admiring attention from a fiery personality this month. You are also most likely to take someone else’s well-intentioned advice too personally. Temper any inclination to overreact in either scenario by cultivating your inner Zen.

As the month winds down, your sense of social ease will pick up. This isn’t likely to be an overwhelmingly productive or effective time for accomplishing things, so try to relax and enjoy the good vibrations while they last.

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Ingenious uses of your time and money are very forthcoming right now. Shopping expeditions could yield some inspired purchases. Plans you concoct with others could also be more inventive than usual. In these pandemic times, a little creativity goes a long way and can attract the gratitude of others.

Accomplishing goals on your list right now could require less effort, so up the ante by checking off more items earlier in the month. Toward the end of April, take any challenging people in your stride.


Someone keeping you from what you want can be convinced to see things your way. Energetically you’re likely to get off to a rocky and unsteady start as a result of mixed messages or confusion of some kind. Work at clearing up misunderstandings and bridging differences. As the month progresses your efforts are more likely to bear fruit.

With asteroid Pallas Athena moving through your sign, those born at the beginning of March can feel the most mentally creative.

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