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Find out what the Year of the Rat brings in terms of relationships, health and career

Besides the start of a new decade, 2020 is the Year of the Rat in Chinese astrology, which symbolises a year and cycle of new beginnings. The first animal in the 12-year Chinese Zodiac, rats are known for being clever, inquisitive and resourceful, which translates into a great year for new experiences and opportunities for success.

When factoring in the five elements of nature (Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, and Metal), 2020 is the year of the metal rat, which makes the rodent’s characteristics even more strong, determined and resolute. If you’re a believer in Chinese astrology and its horoscope, here are some helpful tips to follow in these various aspects of your life:

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1. Relationships

“For people in romantic relationships, the Year of the Rat could bring about more arguments than usual,” says Master Chung of the Hong Kong Metaphysics and Astrology Centre.

But don’t despair—"these conflicts can actually be positive because it can help strengthen the relationship by leading to real changes in the relationship, such as a move towards marriage, perhaps.”

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2. Health

When it comes to health, the Year of the Rat is going to be highly energetic for most zodiac signs, especially since the rat’s nature is to stay moving and preoccupied at all times. While chasing new opportunities for success, don’t forget to make time for adequate rest and a proper diet to keep your health in check.

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3. Career

For most zodiac signs, the Year of the Rat will be a year of transformation and growth in the career department—but not without hard work. Approach all projects with perseverance and diligence, see them through and take risks where needed to reap a bigger outcome, whether it is a promotion or financial reward.

4. Fan Tai Shui

According to Master Chung, people born in the year of the rat, rabbit, horse, chicken and sheep will face what’s called ‘fan tai sui’ in the Year of the Rat, which is a clash with the god in charge of people’s fortune.

This clash will normally bring about bad luck and/or misfortune, but the good news is that you can offset this bad luck with good feng shui and visits to the temple.

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