It's that time of year when we are all feeling those post-holiday blues. And as much as we don’t want to say goodbye to the festive season, it is time to embrace 2018 with open arms.

To help you shake off your sluggish post-holiday self, we've come up with a list of juice cleanse programmes in Hong Kong that will guarantee a fresh, clean start to the year:

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Be-Juiced offers three different levels of juice cleanse programmes that come with pocket-sized bottles and an eye-catching orange bag that will keep your juice cool on the go. Our favourite is their Morning Squeeze—a blend of grapefruit, orange, lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper—which gives us the energy boost we need to conquer the day.

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Having taken their most detoxifying and alkalising juices and packed them into one powerful cleanse programme. 12NOON claims that their juice cleanse has the lowest amount of fruit sugars and is designed to help you shred both weight and toxins. They also offer different juice cleanses designed specifically for men or brides-to-be.

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Nood Food

With so many juice cleanse programmes available on the market, it can sometimes get confusing. But Nood Food is all about simplifying. Their juice cleanses come in three levels, and for those who do not wish to replace their meals with juice, their Active Cleanse programme is an approachable option. Want to make it personal? Go ahead and customise your cleanse at Nood Food.

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The Hong Kong Juice Co.

As well as standard three- and five-day cleanses, the Hong Kong Juice Co. also offers group cleanses and bridal cleanses. It might be a good idea for brides-to-be to opt for a juice cleanse with your bridesmaids so you can stay motivated together throughout the detox period.

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Genie Juicery

With a wide range of specialty cleanses on offer, Genie Juicery definitely wins our hearts with their flexibility and creativity. Not only does it offer their signature cleanse with a duration ranging from one day to six days, it also offers gym buddy cleanses, raw food cleanses, and party cleanses for you to spoil your squad.

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Punch Detox

Being one of the most recognised juice cleanse companies in Hong Kong, the juice cleanse programme that Punch Detox offers will make sure you drink 8kg worth of fruits, vegetables, and nuts because you simply can't eat that much.

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Water Juicery

Crafted by a Michelin Chef from Paris, Water Juicery’s Sexy Body juice cleanse programme offers a refined cleansing journey full of gourmet juice. It might not give you a sexy body right away, but it is certainly the first step to achieving the healthy and toned body you want and deserve for 2018.

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