The poster boy of Mont Kiara’s buzzy boxing venue punches up this Fitness Kickstart with quotes on teamwork, company culture, and turning work into play.

If you’re familiar with the catchphrase “Your vibe attracts your tribe,” it couldn’t be more descriptive of Mark Choo’s Mont Kiara boxing studio, appropriately named Tribe. Rather than the intimidating air tantamount to the combative sport, Mark’s studio is pristine, inviting, airy, and invaded by beautiful people flushing with endorphin glow. 

The youngest son of Fred Choo and Michele Kwok, Mark is a ball of energy and goofiness, flitting between Tribe and his latest studio, Cirque, as the strategic planner and overall operations manager. He also teaches 2 classes a week and swears by a hands-on approach whilst leading a growing pack. Bonding with his business partner Christian Lee and team is second nature, as is a knack for remembering and personally greeting Tribe members. Despite the goings-on, Mark deftly snuck us in for a peek into the fitness community he’s been growing for over a year now. We talk about his work culture, leading a millennial team, and business values inherited from his parents.

1. Why Mark Chose The Business Of Fitness

Fitness has always been a big part of my life. It has provided me with some of the biggest challenges as well as accomplishments and kept me disciplined throughout high school and university. Fitness in the west has become a lifestyle, and I wanted to bring that habit to Malaysia, and make a positive impact by helping get people fitter, healthier and feeling good.

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2. The Old Rule Stays: Customers First

I think customers are a very important part of business survival and by learning their names, treating them well all the time and just being attentive to what they need before they even ask is a small but extremely important gesture.

3. Learning From Example

The business values I inherited from my parents is leadership by example. My parents started from scratch: nothing was too trivial to do. To know everything that’s going on without necessarily doing everything – be aware of the ins and outs, and the plans moving forward. My parents fostered family vibes into their company so that’s something I try to create at Tribe and Cirque.

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4. The Hidden Message Behind Tribe's Younger Sibling, Cirque

Cirque is a completely different concept from Tribe. It’s based on a circus theme and much like how there are different performances staged, circuit training outlines a variety of exercises. Cirque explores that theme to create a sense of belonging, that although everyone is different and at different fitness levels, Cirque is so random and welcoming that you don’t feel like it’s targetted at select fitness demographics but open for everybody.

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