Despite packed schedules and vigorous training routines, Peter Hugh Davis and Sha’arin Razali Wong make bonding time with their children a walk in the park, in this Fitness Kickstart episode.

As fitness figures in their own right, you would think that Peter Hugh Davis and Sha’arin Razali Wong are used to the most strenuous of workout regimes. But that’s where you’re mistaken ­­­– nothing beats the challenges of fatherhood. Peter is the dad of 2 fun-loving sons, Preston and Parker, while Sha’arin is father to the lovable Noah and Eissa. Both men boast different parenting styles, with Peter taking on a rugged approach, while Sha’arin is firmer and gentler by nature. But they share a similar way of connecting with their kids, which is through good ol’ playtime outdoors. We had a chance to witness the 2 sporting men in their element for a day at Superpark AvenueK, working their way through 25 activities, including swinging with Flying Fox, racing on the pedal car track, and tumbling around in a vast foam pit. The children went in for second and third rounds, while the dads either partnered with their mini-me's or cheered from the sidelines. We also captured the softer side of both dads with a short interview.

1. Dads, how would you describe your parenting styles?

Peter: A very strict dad—I like things done the way I like it to be done.

Sha’arin: Easygoing, pretty fun, I try to be strict when I have to be.

2. What are your favourite bonding activities?

Peter: We do go-carting, taekwondo for the kids, I coach them to win their medals…it’s pretty fun.

Sha’arin: I like to go swimming with them, we love eating together, going on holidays.

3. Why is it a priority to instill fitness activities in your children’s upbringing?

Peter: Well as kids growing up, they need to be active, to explore different things, to make sure they’re not scared of the world we live in, and just to get physically in shape.

Sha’arin: If you start them young, you instill fun in playing games and sports. It keeps them healthy and fit and prepares them for the later stages in life.

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4. How can parents instill fun and games in their children’s upbringing?

Peter: I used to go running in the park with Preston and he would keep up on his bicycle. We removed the stabilisers and then suddenly he’s at a pace where I had to sprint after him!

Sha’arin: if you want to have fun, have fun with them. Don’t just tell them to go cycle, play football, you actually join them, play football with them, you know, enjoy this cycle with them.

  • LocationSuperpark AvenueK
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