What do love, trust, and yoga have in common? In this Valentine’s edition Fitness Kickstart video, we discover the work-life bond practised by the yoga and Pilates studio’s entrepreneurial couple.

Yoga is a practice centred on self-love, but for the founders of The Flow studio, a passion for asanas (and one another) spurred them to open Bangsar’s hippest yogi oasis. The duo were living and working in Melbourne, and regularly clocked in yoga and reformer Pilates together. Over time, Tiffany felt a calling to share the practice she loved in her home city, and together with her boyfriend Lachlan McComiski, they moved to KL and had the light, bright and airy concept brought to life. The cute couple are a sunny presence in the studio, with Tiffany warmly greeting practitioners and teaching Pilates, and Lachlan overseeing operations and maintaining the studio's chill vibes. Through the busy-ness, their bond is infectious, and was perfect for this love-themed Fitness Kickstart video.

Read on to find out how they make The Flow experience extra special.

As founders of The Flow, what were your experiences with yoga and Pilates?

Tiffany: I had a career in Institutional Banking and needed some form of exercise to feel good physically and mentally, then I found a passion for yoga and reformer Pilates. They were low impact workouts that really helped me see toning results in my body – results like nothing else.

Lachlan: It became a passion of mine and I started doing private practice before work. It really set me up and made me feel good all day.

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The whole design of The Flow is well thought out. How did you create this ambiance?

Tiffany: We worked with an interior designer from New York, Other Projects NYC. The brief was for a space conveying a sense of calm and warmth, so the palate is a homely white and timber, no sharp corners, and accents of luxury with brass and gold. Translucent drapes add softness to the space. The placement between the mats in our mat room is on tiered layers, to give a most comfortable space to practice in. We wanted a perfect space that married the functionality of a workout with beautiful aesthetics and a calm environment.

How has working together with your significant other affected your relationship?

Lachlan: It was a sort of no-brainer: even before we started the business, we sort of balanced each other out. And that’s why we’ve done the split between roles and responsibilities in the business. Everything has been going so smooth so far and we’re really happy.

Tell us about the specialty reformer Pilates classes at The Flow.

Tiffany: We have 4 types of fitness-based reformer workouts: align; a slower pace workout focused on core and alignment, reformer dynamic; our signature, fast-paced athletic workout, and then the self-explanatory Abs Arms & Ass, and jumpboard; the only cardio workout done lying down.

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What’s a mutual philosophy you both wish to share to your practitioners?

Tiffany: Living in KL, we’re always busy running from 1 thing to the next. Work, friends, family, there’s all these commitments. We’re always on our phones, with no time to check with ourselves. And at The Flow, we’re all about living well. We’re about taking the time to look after yourself physically and mentally.

Lachlan: Whether on the mat or reformer, or whether just chilling out on our foyer, we want our followers to check in, chill out and escape.

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