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The newlywed fitness guru shares her favourite home workouts along with simple tips to keep fit during MCO 3.0

Even in lockdown, award-winning dance artist and Generation T 2019 honouree Suhaili Micheline Ahmad Kamil is always on the move. Having recently tied the knot with her longtime beau Aidil Azman, Suhaili's not-so-lazy weekends these days include couple pilates sessions, the occasional jigsaw or sudoku puzzle, and ordering in food from various businesses in lieu of café hopping (at least for now). 

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How does your ideal weekend at home start? 

Making breakfast with Aidil, enjoying a hot cup of coffee and laughing together. 

What do you most look forward to on the weekend?

We've recently been doing reformer pilates a lot (and sometimes with the whole family). Aidil reads a lot and I like to sit down to a good jigsaw puzzle or sudoku sometimes. We also love trying out all sorts of food takeaways that we find online. It's really important to support local businesses during these difficult times.

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What's your home fitness routine like?

We both love reformer pilates right now. It's so practical and safe for rehab and body conditioning. Some basic ballet barre for me is essential to keep in check with my body agility and mobility. I also do my own customised ballet fitness workouts which I teach online to my clients.

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Tell us your top recommended workout gear and accessories.

Resistive bands and tools from Sanctband are my go-to for body strengthening. My ballet flat shoes, socks and ballet skirt for ballet barre. And my Under Armour outfits and footwear to suit almost all my workouts.

What does your downtime look like, aside from dance fitness and workouts?

I like doing gardening and sometimes I feel like painting, be it on a paper, postcard or even shoes! I also love curating gifts for birthdays and celebrations every so often. I think it's important to spread joy and to make someone's day beautiful whenever you can and to do it with all your heart. Doing that is really a form of therapy for me to heal and rest. I'm also currently reading Great At Work by Morten T. Hansen.

Any funny pet stories in lockdown?

When I can get my hands on my pets, I usually annoy them and play till they get super tired. It's kind of the opposite of spending quality time with them; they are always there when I'm busy on a call or teaching a zoom class, and it's a full-on distraction. When I'm not busy, they'll usually be sleeping or hiding somewhere. Always happens.

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What are your top tips for keeping fit at home? 

Drink lots of water. Support your local instructors online (many need your help) and sign up for online classes as a way of committing yourself towards betterment. Create your own little workout space at home so you will be more motivated to allocate time for the workout consistently.

Last but not least, stay connected with the world and experience more laughter and joy out of every workout you do. 

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