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Electric Studio's Yessa Yu Caparas dishes the secret to sticking to a workout routine

Yessa Yu Caparas is a woman of many talents. It's impossible to keep Caparas restrained to one thing as she's capable of almost anything; from being a travel consultant of A2A Safaris, Heart & Bolt's jeweller, to being an inspiration to health enthusiasts in Electric Studio.

There's so much to admire about Caparas apart from her enviable abs, infectious grin, and chic post-workout style. As Tatler interviews her for the Fitness Focus series, we've learned more about Caparas' unfaltering passion for physical and mental health and found that it's not at all surprising how many motivated individuals in her class turn up most of the time.

When and how did you realise you wanted to join the world of fitness?

Movement has always been part of my lifestyle, so the decision to join the fitness industry professionally as an indoor cycling instructor with Electric Studio came naturally. It was love at first ride and we are still going strong six years later!

What made you stay?

Aside from the amazing music and intense workout that each ride gives, the strong community that we’ve built over the years is what makes it the most special.  The bonds that I’ve created with some people that I’d met through Electric Studio is stronger than Superglue.

What do you love most about your spinning classes?

Nothing makes me sweat, dance and sing simultaneously as much as Electric Studio does within 45 minutes. 

What drives you to keep a healthy lifestyle amidst the pandemic?

The drive to survive the pandemic! Taking care of my health means having a stronger immune system to fight off whatever COVID-19 may throw at me. 

How would you convince someone to switch to an active and healthier lifestyle?

I would take them out on a fitness date to do a fun workout together, followed by a delicious yet nutritious meal.

Can you share one fitness myth and one fitness fact that everyone should know?

Fitness Myth: Lifting heavy makes you bulky. Fitness Fact: Everyone starts their fitness journey somewhere.

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