Cover These powders and pills will give your skin the boost it needs

From battling signs of premature ageing, to improving complexion, here are some edible beauty supplements to help you achieve an inner to outer glow

As the old saying goes, true beauty comes from the inside. These pills and powders promise glowing skin by way of improved digestion and other wellness-boosting benefits. 

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Collagen Inner Beauty Boost by The Beauty Chef

Like a cordial or Kool-Aid but for the health- and eco-conscious, the Collagen Inner Beauty Boost by The Beauty Chef, an Australian wellness company, delivers a dose of natural vegan sweetness to water or smoothies.

The broad-spectrum probiotic formula claims to increase collagen production while supporting healthy skin structure for a youthful glow. We also love their Sleep blend, which protects against oxidative damage to fight premature ageing.

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Skin Food by Dr Barbara Sturm

If you’re more into science than superfoods, reach for Skin Food by Dr Barbara Sturm, the German aesthetics doctor whose anti-inflammatory treatments and skincare are loved by Hollywood’s elite.

Among other skin-nourishing ingredients, these powerful little capsules contain purslane, the key ingredient in Sturm’s products (both topical and edible), designed to activate the natural “fountain of youth enzyme” telomerase.

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Vitality by Kapowder

Described as a “treat for your skin and body”, Vitality by Kapowder is a berry-flavoured blend rich with bio-fermented plant-based proteins including chlorella, spirulina, maca root and wheatgrass.

The superfood blend is designed to boost energy, balance the bacteria in your gut—your body’s powerhouse—and boost skin cell health for a radiant complexion.

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Super Glow by Votary

Arabella Preston, co-founder of natural and sustainable skincare brand Votary, says she developed the brand’s Super Glow supplements to “help lay the foundations for beautiful, glowing skin.” The supplement contains selenium and vitamin A to stimulate cell repair, niacinamide for anti-inflammatory effect and vitamin C as a natural antioxidant.

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