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Going green just got easier with these 7 eco-friendly alternatives!

Leading our lives towards a less impactful existence can seem intimidating, especially once we become set in our ways. Fortunately, people have been creating more eco-friendly alternatives that can make going green as easy as one, two, three. Here is a list of some of the most promising! 

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Paper Blooms

The holidays are coming up which means you're more than likely to need a few extra Christmas cards. This year, opt for a more sustainable choice with Paper Blooms! Your plantito and plantita friends are sure to appreciate their plantable gift cards and tags. Seeds are embedded into each tag or gift card that you can tear and plant directly into the soil. 

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Respawnsible PH

Have a pet? You might need some of Respawnsible's compostable poop bags! If you love your pets as much as you love the earth, then it's a great alternative. Their products are all plant-based and made from cornstarch resin and the brand guarantees that it biodegrades within 90 days. Everything about their packaging is sustainable as well — from their shipping package to their product boxes — so you can feel guilt-free while caring for your pup!

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Ritual is something of an all-around shop. Regular customers are known to head there for a refill on local items (such as cacao nibs from Davao or butterfly pea flowers from Bicol) and eco-friendly products. While they have a wide range of wholesome items for sale, we're particular fans of their kitchen, home, and garden items. These include functional bamboo pens, fashionable vetiver wreaths, and biodegradable pandan pots you can plant directly in the ground. 

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Exercising your green thumb is now easier than ever with Seedibles' grow kits. With the promise of offering their customers all they'd ever need to "perfect planting", Seedibles has become a great companion for beginner growers. They have a catalogue of exciting kits for vegetables and herbs so you can even grow your own salad! It's an exciting line of plants and plant care items (such as potting mix and "bloom serum") you shouldn't miss out on. 

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If you're one of the many people who have started an online business in quarantine, you should definitely check out EcoNest's eco-packaging solutions. One of their most exciting products is their cassava bags, something that brands such as Garnier and Common Thread have also invested in. These bags are definitively not plastic bags, and are therefore biodegradable within 100 or so days. Interestingly enough, they are also soluble in hot water! 

EcoNest also offers packaging made from sugarcane. It's great for food as such products are freeze-safe, microwave-safe, and oven-safe.

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Nanu's eye-catching pink bottles have become a hallmark for the eco-friendly startup. Their offerings? Shampoos, soaps, body lotion, and conditioner. An advocate of "clean beauty", Nanu has devised an ingenious system to help avoid wastage. After you buy a bottle of one of their products, they encourage you to reuse that bottle by sending it back to them for a refill — and yes, that includes free shipping. They promise to clean your old Nanu bottles with a strict, FDA-approved technology before refilling it with more of your favourite paraben and sulfate-free products that not only feel good, but smell great. 

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Sora towels are the cutest things ever. Their chic colourful designs have been at the top of the list for many, and for good reason. Not only are they eye-catching, they're great for the environment too! Each of their towels is made from recycled plastic bottles. But their plastic to fabric process isn't the only thing that makes their products great. All their towels are highly absorbent, light to carry, and quick to dry. Not to mention that the fabrics used are sand-repellent, anti-microbial, and equipped with moisture-activated grip for enhanced balance and safety. 

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