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Contact tracing, health updates and more with these government-approved apps

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MySejahtera is an app developed by the Malaysian government to help users monitor their health status and receive Covid-19-related updates from the Ministry of Health (MoH). 

In the app, users can complete a self-health assessment and be classified into one of six categories, from 'low risk' or to 'confirmed case'. At-risk users will receive alerts from the MoH on Covid-19 hot spots within a 1km radius as well as a list of the nearest health facilities and guidelines on what to do if they start showing symptoms.

You can also use MySejahtera to monitor the health of family members who don't use a smartphone by adding them under the 'Manage Dependents' feature.

MySejahtera is available for download at Google Play Store, App Store, Huawei AppGallery and Gallery of Malaysian Government Mobile Applications (GAMMA). 

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A contact tracing app also created by the Malaysian government, MyTrace helps health officials track the spread of the virus.

How it works: MyTrace uses a low-energy bluetooth signal to determine a user's proximity with other app users. If a MyTrace user tests positive for Covid-19, other users who have been in direct or indirect contact with that person will be contacted directly by an MoH officer.

The app doesn't record a user's location and only stores data on device proximity and recorded time of visits for a period of 21 days. The MyTrace app can be downloaded through a link in the MySejahtera App or via Google Play Store.           

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Gerak Malaysia

Designed to facilitate safe interstate travel for those stranded outside their home states during the MCO, the Gerak Malaysia app helps travellers apply for police approval to head back home. 

After entering in their contact and identification details, and allowing the app to access their smartphone's GPS function, users with urgent interstate travel reasons can submit their applications through the app. Once approved, users will be issued a QR code to show to police officers at roadblocks when required. If you've already downloaded the app, be sure it's been updated to the latest 2.5 version.   

Gerak Malaysia can be downloaded at Google Play Store, App Store and Huawei AppGallery.  

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Selangor residents would have heard of SELangkah, a contact tracing web-based app introduced by the Selangor state government to help monitor the spread of the virus during the CMCO (conditional movement control order) period. 

Local business operators are encouraged to register their business on the app and use it to log contact details and visit times of customers at their stores, restaurants or offices. Customers, in turn, can use either Google Lens (for Android users) or their camera phones (iPhone users) to scan the SELangkah QR code displayed at the premises of local businesses whenever they visit.    

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Similarly, the Penang Contact Tracer (PgCare) web-based app was launched by the Penang state government recently to help individuals and businesses comply with the regulations of the CMCO in the northern state, where hotels, malls and fast food chains have been accepting dine-in guests since May 15.

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Business owners can register their premises, print a poster with the PgCare QR codes and display them in their business locations. Visitors can then scan  the QR codes (Google Lens for Android users and camera phones for iPhone users) and key in their details.

While customers' contact details aren't shared with business owners, this information can be accessed by the relevant health authorities in the event of a confirmed Covid-19 case on the visited premise.

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Sabah's addition to the digital contact tracing movement is Sabahtrace, a web-based app to help track and prevent the spread of Covid-19 among businesses and their customers.

Similar to its Penang and Selangor counterparts, Sabahtrace operates on the use of a QR code which customers can scan to auto-log their contact details when visiting public locations.

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