Hong Kong is fast becoming a wellness hub, with an abundance of juiceries and wellness boutiques as well as niche gyms and community groups shaping the fitness landscape.  Yoga has taken the city by storm, and there are new classes and studios popping up every month. But if you want to take your practice to the next level, consider a session with one of these top 10 Hong Kong yogis.

1. Jessica Lee


Jessica Lee’s yoga journey began in 2005 as a substitute for her childhood love of gymnastics and acrobatics. Falling in love with the practice, she was eager to share this newfound passion and completed her 200RYT and advanced teacher training.

She discovered the perfect combination of yoga and acrobatics in 2008 with acro yoga and has built the local acro community through her ACROVINYASA workshops and Acro yoga Hong Kong group.

She has been teaching yoga full-time since 2015, and her work has taken her to conferences and festivals in Thailand, South Korea, Australia and the UK. She is currently training to become a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga instructor, giving herself another challenge in the yoga world.


2. Victor Chau


Reluctantly taking up yoga in 2001, Victor Chau is now one of Asia’s best-known yogis, being an ambassador for both Lululemon and a Boys of Yoga. Converted by the improved energy, flexibility and strength that yoga gave him, Chau trained as a yoga teacher and now teaches internationally, attending conferences and workshops around Asia, specifically with a focus on engaging men in a practice that is often considered women-only.


3. Lindsay Jang


You would think that the brains behind some of Hong Kong's hottest restaurants—including Yardbird and Ronin—wouldn't have time for much else, but Lindsay Jang was also one of the consultants for TopFit, a boutique fitness studio and missbish.com, a women's fashion blog focussing on urban and streetwear style. Did we mention she's also one of the city's top yoga instructor's, too?

Jang trained as a teacher in 2011 but has actually been practising it for strength and flexibility since she was 17. Her passion for the practice now sees her teaching classes and private sessions around the city, including recently leading Guavapass's Sky High Yoga sessions at Ce La Vi. 


4. Kelsea Bangora


Native New Yorker Kelsea Bangora has become one of Hong Kong’s leading yogis, quickly establishing herself as one of the go-to yoga instructors and a secret wellness weapon to those in the know.

She has taught in leading studios around the world, but, now based in Hong Kong, she offers private sessions for those who are looking to learn advanced yoga or who want to meet specific goals.

The former ballerina is a New York Yoga Champion and has practised Bikram, Dharma and Iyengar yoga, which she combines and incorporates into her practice and teachings to develop her own unique style. Outside of the studio, Bangora is an avid traveller who can be found riding her bike in Luang Prabang, enjoying gluten-free fare in Ubud or practising her Mandarin in Beijing.


5. Nadine Bubner


A Lululemon Ambassador since 2012, Nadine Bubner’s passion is the adventurous SUP yoga. She began her yoga journey back in 2005, and swiftly became a registered and prenatal-certified teacher with training from Dr Jean Byrne, a holistic health coach and an Ironman-certified coach.

Bubner is a co-founder of SUP Yoga Hong Kong with fellow yogi Dee Cheung. Since 2013, they have offered SUP Paddling lessons and tours, SUP Yoga, SUP Meditation and SUP Fitness classes in Hong Kong.

Nadine is also an avid stand-up paddler, runner and triathlon athlete. With the rigorous exercise regime of running, cycling and swimming, she finds yoga a haven for both body and mind. Her personal mantra is: “Better an ‘oops’ than a ‘what if’.”


6. May Nogoy


A practitioner of yoga since 1997, May Nogoy is one of the most experienced yogis in Hong Kong. Teaching in corporate environments, as well as international high schools, her “Flow For Freedom” classes focus on heart and alignment-based yoga to cultivate healing and empowerment.

Nogoy has also been a key founding member of Hong Kong’s yoga community. She promotes eco-consciousness and sustainable lifestyle through numerous events and collaborations and is the founder of YogaPop, co-founder of ‘The Garden Gathering’, a sacred artist at the 5Elements Spa, and the programme director for Hong Kong’s largest outdoor and wellness festival, Iris.


7. Adam Weirick


Founder of Friday Night Lights, Adam Weirick has been initiating the Hong Kong community into his own brand of yoga with his free 90-minute community classes which practice alignment-based Vinyasa for all levels.

When he’s not leading sessions in the park, he’s teaching smaller classes or private sessions in his Central studio, focussing on Vinyasa and Hatha yoga and guiding students in movement, balance and flexibility. His positive attitude and the vibrant energy he brings to classes make him one of the most sought-after yogis in town.


8. Karen Holt


Karen Holt is the brains behind Hong Kong wellness brand, The Health Seed, and uses her holistic approach to health to teach yoga and meditation. The former dancer turned to yoga as a way of recovering from injuries, and after spending years in personal practice decided to train as an instructor.

With conscious living at the forefront of her practice, Holt encourages a sustainable and mindful lifestyle to go along with the yoga and meditation.  Teaching workplace programmes as well as private group and one-on-one sessions, Holt's classes are a perfect blend of convenient, calming and cleansing. 


9. Janet Lau

A published author, TEDx presenter, a yoga teacher since 2006, and an ambassador for Easyoga and Lululemon, Janet Lau is as multi-talented as she is experienced, and with a masters in Buddhist studies, her yoga takes on a new spiritual depth. Combining ancient philosophy with a modern awareness of anatomy, Lau is an experienced and highly in-demand teacher.

She practices yin yang vinyasa yoga, and her focus on mindfulness sees her collaborating with many nonprofit organisations, like the Hong Kong Cancer Fund, Maggie’s Cancer Healing Centre, I’mperfect and New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association.


10. Katharina Bleinis


Better known as Gypsy By Natvre, Katharina Bleinis has a refreshing and energetic approach to pranayama, meditation and asana. Originally from Vancouver, Bleinis was a former gymnast and dancer who turned to yoga after a sports injury. Using yoga in her healing process, Bleinis began travelling Asia on a personal wellness and meditation journey and completed her yoga teacher training in Indonesia.

Now based in Hong Kong, Bleinis leads classes and one-to-one private sessions. She continues to develop her interest in Buddhism and when she’s not teaching, she’s probably travelling to fulfil her own spiritual journey.


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