Cover H-Kore, the fitness studio (Photo: Michael Perin)

Tatler insiders share their tried-and-tested tips for finding the best of fitness and outdoors in Hong Kong

Get your body in peak shape with advice on all things exercise from Patricia Tung-Gaw, while Diana d’Arenberg heads into the great outdoors.

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Patrica Tung-Gaw, founder of ski apparel brand Ferastyle

Best Personal Trainer

Ivanov Lo at Ga1ns Club is a holistic trainer who gives input on not just what happens in the gym but also other aspects of clients’ fitness regimens and lifestyles. He is generous in providing direction on how to train effectively on one’s own and make fitness a habit. And his sessions are never repetitive or boring.

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Best Athleisure Brand

Ga1ns Club.

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Best Exercise Equipment Company

Recoil training.

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Best Pilates Studio

H Kore Quarry Bay.

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Favourite Trail or Hike

Ping Nam Stream in Pat Sin Leng Country Park. Roland of HK Outsider introduced this canyoning hike to me and my friends. It’s very scenic and involves both hiking and abseiling.

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Best Outdoor Pursuits Company

HK Outsider.

Favourite Beach

Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung.

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Best Place To Go To Get A Killer View of Hong Kong

K11 Musea, especially the serviced apartments at Artus.

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Favourite Place To Let The Dog Off The Leash

Cyberport Dog Park. This spacious, grassy park is an escape from busy roads and has a nice waterfront location.

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Favourite Pool

The new Hong Kong Jockey Club pool. There are very few 50-metre pools in Hong Kong. This brand new one is state of the art.

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Diana d'Arenberg, arts writer

Best Hike

There are tonnes of amazing hikes around Hong Kong. We did a six-hour hike through Ma On Shan, crossing varied landscapes, including streams, waterfalls, scrubland, rainforest and volcanic rock formations in Luk Chau Rock Forest. It was incredible. Lantau also has a number of fabulous hiking trails like Man Cheung Po and Dragon’s Jaw, which are really picturesque and have a number of stunning waterfalls to cool down in afterwards.

Best Outdoor Activity

We started coasteering and canyoning with HK Outsider—a cool community of adventurous people—and have discovered some incredible off-the-beaten-track parts of Hong Kong as a result. We abseil down waterfalls, jump off cliffs, scramble up through streams and go night-hiking in various locations around Hong Kong. It’s been a silver lining exploring Hong Kong in this travel restricted period.

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Tatler Says

Located north of the Sai Kung West Country Park, Hoi Ha is a beautiful and remote area that’s well-suited for first-time kayakers. Wild Hong Kong offers a one-day kayak tour for beginners, which takes you through the gentle, pristine waters, offering ample chances to spot marine life.

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