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Today it’s hard to decipher amongst the mass confusion. Drink slimming teas. Take fat burner pills. Do 100 sit-ups a day. Do yoga. Do a juice detox. Fast 18 hours a day. Eat paleo. So, how exactly do you lose the belly fat, fast? As physique transformation experts, this is a question we get asked every day. In this article, we give you the scoop on what it takes to lose belly fat for good. 

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It's almost all about diet

If you have a recent history of high-sugar, high carbohydrate intake, then low carb diets can work wonders. By improving insulin sensitivity you greatly improve your body’s efficiency at using fat as fuel. Cutting carbs can also reduce a large sum of calories from your everyday diet.

If you have already been following a low carb diet for a few months and are starting to see your progress stall, it may be time to add some complex carbohydrates to your post-workout meal.

At Ultimate Performance, we do not prescribe cookie-cutter diets because no single approach works for every unique client. The type of diet you should do depends on a long list of factors, including your recent diet history, lifestyle and genetic factors.

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However, no diet will work without factoring in a deficit in calories. This is where a good trainer becomes really important. It’s important to eat the right amount (and type) of calories, not too much and not too little.

Do your abs exercises right 

Don’t boast about doing 100 sit ups a day if you aren’t doing them correctly! Most people tend to perform sit ups too quickly to work their abs effectively. A rushed abs exercise is likely to favour the hip flexors, rather than the abs, producing no results and a possible sore lower back. 

The best way to train your abs is to execute each exercise with a slow tempo. For example, to perform an effective sit up, lie on a mat with your legs bent and feet on the floor. Keep your head in neutral position; do not tuck your chin to the chest, keep a good 4-5 inches space there. Slowly initiate the movement by bringing your chest to your knees. The rep should take 3-6 seconds. Lower yourself back down in the same way, slowly. 

That strange feeling you get when you finish one set? That’s your abdominals burning ;)

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