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Astrology has become more and more popular lately. Here are the best apps to learn more about you and your zodiac

Zodiac signs, retrogrades, and horoscopes: whether or not you believe in them, you have to admit, they've gotten really popular lately. Astrology junkies have found new ways to make this art especially personal to them. If you're keen on learning more about it (or about yourself) then read on to find out which apps you need to download to keep up to date. 

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1. Co-Star

Arguably one of the most popular horoscope apps out there, Co-Star describes itself as a "hyper-personal" and "social" experience. It brings daily horoscopes in a sleek and informative manner, casting a wide overview of your day through an intelligent AI that utilises data from NASA to track planets as they move. Every aspect of your life—from work to relationships—are taken into consideration alongside movements of the moon, planets, and zodiac houses. 

2. The Pattern

Channing Tatum seems to love The Pattern, an astrology app that you can use on yourself and on those around you. All you have to do is create a profile with your name, birth date, time, and place, and the rest is up to them! They'll come up with a list of traits unique to that person (the "Pattern" and a list of past, present, and future "cycles" (the "Timing"). The app allows you to go over your own profile and even link any two profiles to see how they match up if they were ever in some sort of close relationship. Try it for yourself and see if you're as mind-boggled as Tatum was! 

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3. Time Passages

Time Passages carries both a website version and a desktop app that allows for very thorough readings. Beginners to astrology may go through the app's expansive glossary and charts. The free version will give users personalised daily horoscopes that are tailored to specific birth times and places. Additional features a compatibility meter and future predictions. It's a great and easy app to use, especially for those looking to learn more!

4. Chani

Written by Chani Nicholas and a team of professional astrologers, the Chani app combines the mystery of horoscopes with both mindfulness and meditation. It offers its users detailed birth chart explanations, plus a library of meditations to use. Those with the app on their phones can also use the in-app journal to set intentions and track holistic growth during every new and full moon. 


5. Astrology Zone

Susan Miller is a renowned astrologist and a regular contributor to international magazines such as Vogue, GQ, and Grazia. Her app, Astrology Zone, is an easy-to-navigate application that gives short daily horoscopes for all 12 signs. It's fairly straightforward and also offers users predictions for next month and tomorrow. Paid subscribers can access readings for the week ahead.

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