There hasn’t been a more critical time to boost your immunity than now. Besides increasing your vitamin C intake, consider these alternative methods to keep you immune system in tip-top shape

Immunity IV drips

We all know the importance of vitamin C for our immunity, but our body lacks the ability to absorb high levels of vitamin C through food or supplements. Give your immune system an instant boost with LifeHub’s Immunity IV drip, which is packed with vitamin C, vitamin D and minerals that transport directly to your bloodstream. 

To further improve your body’s defence mechanism, opt for the Immunity Boost Experience, a holistic one-hour treatment that includes the Immunity IV drip, a bioresonance therapy with a “coronavirus programme” that helps the body cells recognise and target coronavirus pathogens, as well as nutritional supplement packs to take home.

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Infrared sauna

If you think traditional saunas are a great way to sweat out toxins, wait until you try infrared saunas. Using natural thermal wavelengths to heat the body from within, the infrared light works to help detoxify the body in a lower temperature through LED lights rather than air. 

But how does an infrared sauna help boost our immunity? Our immune system weakens when we don’t get quality sleep or when we have high levels of stress, which makes our body more vulnerable to viruses. Regular infrared sauna use can help draw toxins out of the body, lower blood pressure and promote cell rejuvenation. 

When combined with aromatherapy and music therapy in a private chamber, as it does at LifeHub, an infrared sauna will leave you feeling relaxed and help you sleep better at night.

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Immunity Booster Spa Treatment

When you think of a spa treatment, boosting immunity may not be the most immediate benefit that springs to mind. However, by combining the health benefits of a massage therapy with magnetic massagers and acupuncture, the Ultimate Immunity Booster treatment at The Ritz-Carlton Spa is a result-driven treatment that helps to activate your immune system. 

Designed to revitalise your meridian system, stimulate metabolism, relieve muscle tension, realign the body and boost immunity, the 90-minute treatment takes place in a luxurious, sky-high treatment room and is performed by a professional therapist using ginseng massage oil, which is packed with antioxidants and immunity-boosting properties. 

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Immune Therapy

A leading integrative health clinic with locations in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Koh Samui and Vienna, Miskawaan Health Group (MHG) offers a wide range of personalised treatments targeting different health concerns. Immune Therapy is a treatment that begins with a private consultation with a medical doctor, who works with the patient to determine the diagnostic tests such as blood and pathology testing to prescribe a customised treatment plan. 

A naturopathy-based preventive and curative protocol, the Immunity Therapy can include an autoimmune elimination diet, infusion therapy, vitamin D and selenium, and an improved lifestyle approach to help your immune system to get back on track.

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