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Here are the seven kinds of equipment you'll ever need at your home gym!

It's quite risky to do your daily exercises at the gym these days. Once and for all, dedicate ample space at home for your gym equipment. But keep it neat and organised by adding only those that you'll be using frequently. If you've been wondering which essential tools to get, we've listed them down for you.

All you need in a home gym are these seven pieces of equipment:

1. Yoga Mat

You're probably going to be working out on the floor most days to do crunches or yoga. So, not only will you need a comfortable mat to have a good session, but you also must use one that is absorbent. A reversible mat from lululemon offers both—and is also anti-microbial for clean and healthy everyday use!

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2. Door Pull-Up Bar

Most pull-up bars can be attached to a door pane. This lessens the clutter in the gym area and can even be brought to any part of the room. The pull-up bar is a great addition, especially for those who want to work out their back and strengthen their arm and shoulders.

3. Treadmill

Cardio is important especially at a time when we're all forced to stay and sit at home. Slim treadmills that can be tucked away at home are now available. Namely, the Trax Ultra Slim Deluxe treadmill does not take up much space. In fact, it can be placed in any room and folded when not in use. It also has wheels for when you need to move it around the house.

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4. Ab Roller or Ab Wheel

Eradicate painful backaches and improve your balance with an ab roller. An ab roller—also known as an ab wheel—can help individuals work on their core. You don't need complicated gym equipment to acquire a six-pack. A simple ab wheel is enough to work with. Just remember to dedicate enough time with this piece of equipment to see results.

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5. Dumbbells

This inexpensive and small piece of gym equipment is essential. If used properly, you'll be able to burn calories, strengthen muscles and bones, and improve flexibility among many other benefits. Having a pair at home won't take up much space as it can be stored almost anywhere. You may choose from three types of dumbbells—such as adjustable dumbbells, fixed dumbbells, and studio weights—based on your goals.

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6. Resistance Band

If you want to enhance your daily exercises, try using a resistance band. Using this can challenge the muscles as they are working against force or weight. You will also learn weight management, acquire greater stamina, and improve posture, mobility, and balance. You can store a resistance band anywhere—even inside a suitcase for when you're travelling.

7. Jump Rope

One of the most basic gym essentials—but also effective—is the jump rope. Jumping rope easily helps lose weight, burn calories, and overall improve cardiovascular fitness. In fact, if you jump rope for at least 15 minutes, you'll be making a huge difference.

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