We all have our vices, and if kicking your vice to the curb is at the top of your to-do list for 2018, there's nothing wrong with seeking a little extra help. Whether you're battling addiction or simply in need of some guided R&R, we've found some of the most luxurious rehab centres around the world that offer the best resources, utmost privacy and genuine care to help you recover and go on to live your best life:

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Kusnacht Practice, Zollikon, Switzerland

Located near Lake Zurich and with easy access to the Swiss Alps, Kusnacht is one of the most exclusive treatment centres in the world. All patients have access to his or her own personal care team, who assist in creating a tailor-made programme to help you reach your goals.   

The residences at Kusnachtlook like homes out of an interior design magazine, decked out in contemporary designer furnishings and boasting breathtaking views to ensure complete peace and relaxation.

Find out more at kusnachtpractice.com

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The Sanctuary, Byron Bay, Australia

Revered for its total privacy and for its alleged 90% success rate. This intimate rehabilitation centre treats only six patients at a time and, aside from one-on-one counselling, offers holistic modalities like yoga, massage, acupuncture, and African dance and drumming. Each client also has their own personal chef.

Surrounded by the pristine beaches, ancient rainforests and majestic mountain ranges of Byron Bay, patients are also encouraged to get in touch with nature through activities such as hot air ballooning, kayaking, bush and beach walks and more.

Find out more at sanctuarybb.com

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Santani, Kandy, Sri Lanka

This spectacular hillside property takes a holistic approach to addiction recovery. Along with a personalised diet plan, clients will be given herbal medication, one session of yoga and two meditation sessions every day, daily spa treatments and regular use of the sauna, steam and thermal salt water pool to fully detox and flush all the toxins from your body. 

Named after the Sanskrit word meaning “in harmony with,” Santani's lush, ancient greenery is met with contemporary design to create an unforgettable and inspiring setting that will surely leave you feeling reborn. 

Find out more at santani.lk

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The Cabin, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Set in the tropical foothills of Chiang Mai, The Cabin has a stellar reputation for the unparalleled care and effective treatment it offers its patients, who get to enjoy five-star resort-style accommodation and facilities during their recovery.

The Cabin treats all forms of addiction, from drugs and alcohol to food and gambling, with its 12-step alternative healing programme led by a dedicated 18-person treatment team which includes two psychiatrists and two clinical psychologists.

Find out more at thecabinchiangmai.com

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Sivana Rehab, Bali, Indonesia

Limited to just eight clients at a time, Sivana offers its guests the luxurious experience of a five-star Balinese holiday during their recovery—think lush surroundings, spacious and comfortable private villas, yoga, meditation and nourishing cuisine. 

Sivana combines a clinical, physical, spiritual and practical approach to addiction treatment, providing tailor-made programmes, a serene location in beautiful Canggu and a 24-hour support team and in-house world-class medical care.

Find out more at sivanabali.com

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Sabino Recovery, Tucson, Arizona, USA

From PTSD to substance abuse, Sabino Recovery goes to great lengths to bring their patients back to optimum health.Great attention is paid to details, from incredibly comfortable beds and bedding for a good night’s sleep to unique treatments that range from equine therapy to music therapy as well as art and movement therapy.

The centre is located at the base of the Catalina Mountains, surrounded by stunning desert and mountain scenery.  

Find out more at sabinorecovery.com

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Promises, Malibu, California, USA

Robert Downey, Jr., Diana Ross, Lindsay Lohan and many other celebrities have sought refuge at Promises, Malibu to overcome their addictions. Aside from dedicated treatment for everything from substance abuse to relationship issues, trauma and social phobia, Promises places great importance on relaxation. 

This treatment centre in the picturesque Santa Monica Mountains offers its patients gourmet meals, swimming pools, meditation areas for quiet reflection and panoramic ocean views.

Find out more at promises.com