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The New Year comes with declarations of a 'New Me', in that promises of cultivating healthy habits are made. Unfortunately, given the freedom to choose which habits to take on also come with a side note: we are also free to break them, whenever we please. So, while we're still basking in the after-effects of New Year bliss with a dash of high spirits and courage, let's take full advantage of that 'nothing can stop me this year' vibe and give these apps a shot as they'll help you see through the rest of the year. Now, don't worry – we've picked only the interesting ones, enough to intrigue both Apple and Android users.

1. Habitica

Throw away the notion that habit trackers are dull and boring, because this app is inspired by and similar to an RPG-type video game. Each completed task will level up your customised avatar, and you can even join your friends to complete quests and missions together.

2. Habitshare

Think social networking site but for habits—which means you can grow positively along with your friends (talk about peer pressure, right?) The app also comes with a real-time messaging option, where you can motivate your friends and be spurred on by them. 

3. StickK

Developed by Yale University’s behavioural economists, StickK creates a commitment contract for you and the app to reach any goal you input. For added motivation, you can even bet money on yourself, assign a friend or family member to check your data (all based on Thaler’s Nudge Theory, wherein it encourages people to make decisions that are in their broad self-interest).

4. Balanced

Designed to help you keep track and measure your sleeping patterns, exercise as well as time spent sitting, this app encourages you to develop healthier habits. Although skewed towards completely healthy habits and nothing else, the upside is that you get to focus on three things and not multiple ones at a time. You’d want to start small, right? 

5. Habit-bull

For those who prefer to micro-manage their progress, this app is perfect! Packed with feature-rich tracking abilities, like a detailed recording system, it can integrate with GoogleFit and phone backup systems so you won’t ever lose your data. Not meant for those looking for simplicity, though!


If you’re one to need a real person to guide you in forming new habits, this app comes with the extra feature of hiring a habit or leadership coach—with extra cost, of course. The pressure and the price should be enough motivation, we reckon.

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