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Summer’s rolled around again—which means lounging around the resort pool or partying on the sand. We’ve got our favourite swimwear sorted, but if you’ve been dreaming of a surfboard stomach for when you hit the waves, we’ve rounded up our favourite intensive summer workouts to give your fitness regime that extra push.

Pure: The Zone

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Photo: Courtesy of Pure

Launched just last week, Pure’s new “Welcome To The Zone” programme focuses on working not just your body, but also your brain into a state of physical and chemical immersion in your chosen form of exercise. How, you ask? Their newest initiative for the summer is Small Group Training, exclusively available at the Kinwick Centre. The high-intensity classes are limited to 12 people, which gives you that motivating team spirit without foregoing the one-on-one attention of a private session.

Flex Hong Kong

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Photo: Courtesy of Flex

If you want to tone up before you hit the beach, Flex is the place for you. Their ab-tastic offer promises 13 metabolism-boosting classes to get you svelte for summer. The sessions on offer include HIIT, TRX, ab blast Allegro, fat burn Allegro, BLT Allegro, and Flex’s signature Xtend Barre class. With a guide on hand to walk you through  optimising your nutrition as well, this is an all-encompassing package for the fitness-focused.

Ultimate Performance: Summer Blast

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Photo: Courtesy of Ultimate Performance 

If you want to get fit for summer in a flash, UP’s 14-day summer blast is the programme for you. Available from July 1 to August 18, the package is ideal for those who want to tone up for a special occasion—be it an island vacay, pool party or yacht trip. The package includes 10 sessions of personal training to use as you like over the two weeks: you can even visit twice a day if you’re feeling energetic. UP’s personal trainers will give you guidance on nutrition and dietary supplements, so that the intensive programme gives you the best results possible.

Trybe: Six Weeks Til Summer

Trybe .jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Trybe

Summer may already be well and truly underway, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get started on that summer body. The acrobatics and gymnastics gym is offering five classes a  week so that you can up the ante on your summer training. The programme includes nutritional advice, and individually targeted weight loss or  strength building plans.

TopFit: Curves Ahead

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Photo: Courtesy of TopFit

If your fitness focus is on tightening and strengthening bums, tums, thighs and arms, this is the class for you. This women-only class is dedicated to toning the parts of the body that women most commonly struggle with. Drop in for a single session, or go the extra mile and sign up to a 12- or 24-session programme for a more intensive regime.

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