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Earth Day is upon us once again and to celebrate, we're sharing some tips on how to properly celebrate the occasion

Say yes to making our world a better place. Celebrate this Earth Day by celebrating earth—and making more responsible choices that can benefit her. Here are a few of our top tips! 

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Create Ecobricks

Ecobricks are simply PET bottles filled with clean and dry used plastic. They're often used to build walls and to fortify structures. It's fairly easy to make too, and you can guarantee that you have the materials at home to do so. The Global Ecobrick Alliance now names three types of ecobricks: regular, which is filled with plastic, the cigbrick, made from acetate filters of cigarette butts, and the ocean ecobrick, made from wet, often dirty, plastics found by bodies of water. Learn more about ecobricking through the Global Ecobrick Alliance, and stay updated on the Philippine chapter (they often update their audience on where they can drop their accumulated ecobricks). 

Compost at home

If you're a converted plantita or plantito, then you'll love our next suggestion: compost at home! It turns your waste into nutrient-rich plant food that you can use to your advantage. It operates on a very circular model and is fairly easy to do at home. All you need to get started are browns (dead leaves, branches, etc), greens (vegetable and fruit waste, grass, coffee grounds), and water. The best part is that once you get going, you can compost almost anything from hair and fur to newspaper and cardboard.

Learn more about it here and get started today! 

Switch to menstrual cups

Menstrual cups may sound intimidating to those who haven't tried, but converts have been quick to attest to its many advantages. Among them is the fact that menstrual cups are not only more sustainable than pads, but they're also more affordable to maintain in the long run. After becoming familiar with the process of it, menstrual cups allow women the comfort and freedom to do more without worrying. 

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Explore veganism

Veganism is more than a fad, it's a cause and an advocacy. While it used to be difficult to find substitutes in the past, innovative minds have proven that today, it's not anymore. There are so many alternatives and easy recipes to follow that are completely plant-based. The Veganuary movement has a great collection of recipes you can find here.

Not only will you be lowering your carbon footprint by easing up on eating meat, but you'll also be improving your own health and possibly saving the lives of many animal friends. 

Go solar

Investing in solar power makes so much for Filipinos. For one, we're a tropical country; we're blessed with an abundance of sunshine that can easily be converted to clean, affordable energy. While the shift may seem overwhelming at first, the rise of sustainability has made this lifestyle choice much easier to attain. There are now multiple solar panel distributors that you can choose from. Look through the Department of Energy's online guide to help you understand what to expect when converting to solar!  

Participate in Earth Hour

It's nearly Earth Hour! Join in the communal cause and turn your lights off for an hour this 27 March 2021. While some people may be sceptical of its effects, Earth Hour extends to more than just sixty minutes. It's become a symbol for awareness and action amid tough times and is great advocacy not just for yourself, but for future generations too. 

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