If getting fit and being more mindful is at the top of your New Year's resolution list, then stay inspired by following some of Hong Kong's top female yogis. Whether you're looking to refine your practice, get motivated or looking to learn some new moves, these beautiful and talented ladies will help you get back on your feet (or on a handstand).

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Agnes Chan and Faris Chan

Otherwise known as the Chan twins, Agnes and Faris are both certified yoga instructors. Having gotten their certification and training in Hong Kong, they can both be found at One Yoga Studio. Since this is a joint Instagram account, it's the perfect feed for some seriously majestic partner pose inspiration. 


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Kelsea Bangora

A native New York yogi who's now based in Hong Kong, Kelsea has become one of the city's leading yogis. Not only is she an international yoga teacher, Kelsea has also claimed the title of New York Yoga Champion. Having discovered her passion for yoga from training to become a ballerina, her poise and stance show the flexibility of a dancer and the inner strength of a yogi.


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Wendy Wen

Former Canadian television host and Miss Chinese Toronto contestant, Wendy is now a part-time instructor at Pure Yoga. As a yogi who's an avid traveller, her Instagram account shows her posing in beautiful destinations all over the world. Perfect to sate your wanderlust and desire to work out all under one account.


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Lindsay Jang

Co-founder of Ronin, Sunday's Grocery, and Yardbird and co-founder of MISSBISH, there's not much that Lindsay can't do. Having practised yoga since she was 17 and trained as a teacher since 2011, she teaches occassionally and her classes are in high demand. Her Instagram feed is an aesthetic treat with plenty of striking lifestyle images including yoga poses, food and fashion.


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Valerie Lam

Also known as Coffee, Valerie is a TVB actress, yoga instructor and famed YouTuber with over 270,000 subscribers. Valerie is equally active on Instagram, where she posts short clips of her fitness and yoga tips. Her account is good for those looking for bite-sized workouts that can be done at home.


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Matina Cheung

Having started her yoga journey in 2004, Matina achieved her certification from Absolute Yoga Academy in Koh Samui. With three years of teaching experience under her belt, she's currently an Adidas yoga trainer. If you're a fan of the sports brand, then you'll want to keep an eye on her Instagram.


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Joyce Fan

A newcomer in the yoga world, Joyce recently completed her training and is now an instructor at One Yoga Studio. Posing all over Hong Kong, her vivacious smile makes her expert level poses look easy to do. Her feed provides great motivation if you're looking to kick-start your yoga journey.


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Minnie Cheung

With over 10 years of practice, Minnie or "Mins" progressed from a children's art teacher to specialising in many different practices of yoga. With her experience, it was natural for her to become a certified yoga teacher for children as well as adults. Her creative side shines through her elegant dance-like yoga poses on her Instagram.


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Katharina Bleinis

A former gymnast and dancer turned yogi, Katharina went on a personal wellness journey across Asia to rediscover herself. She finally settled in Hong Kong and, having completed her yoga teacher training in Indonesia, teaches classes and one-on-one private sessions. Follow her for a refreshing feed of yoga poses paired with funky graphics.


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Cora Lee

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Cora is an ex-banker and mother of two. She first practised yoga as a way to amend lower back pain caused by her pregnancy and quickly felt a deep connection to it. Now, you can find her teaching at Pure Yoga. Cora's strength is reflected in her posts and her healthy living lifestyle will no doubt drive you to start yours.


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Wendy Du

Globetrotter, Instagrammer and YouTuber, Wendy is a dedicated and certified yogi that can be spotted striking a pose in every city she visits. From Sydney to New York, she's active and engaging with in-depth captions breaking down each yoga pose with advice on mind and body wellness. Her inspirational quotes are definitely worth saving.


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Audrey Sze

A certified yoga teacher and soon-to-be nutrition coach, Audrey is the poster girl for a green lifestyle. Adamant about maintaining healthy habits, she often posts recipes on meal prep on her Instagram. She's also a proud puppy mommy, so it's definitely worth a follow when her dachshund makes a special appearance, showcasing what Doga (Dog Yoga) really means. 


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Jessica Lee

Jessica's love for yoga started when she substituted her childhood love of gymnastics and acrobatics for a mat in 2005. Having practised for over 10 years, she finally became a full-time yoga teacher and has since travelled across the world to attend conferences and festivals. You can see her gymnastics and acrobatic touch to all her yoga poses on her artistic feed.


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Nikita Ramchandani

Originally from New York, a sedentary life in finance drove Nikita to seek peace and movement in yoga. Now, she's the owner of the beautiful sun-drenched studio Kita Yoga in Sheung Wan, where she and her team teach a variety of yoga styles, including a seriously relaxing candlelit session in the evenings.


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Karen Holt 

Karen Holt is a certified holistic health & wellness coach, RYT 200 yoga and meditation teacher and writer behind Urban Earth Mama, a website that encourages a conscious lifestyle to empower mamas and mamas-to-be everywhere. Her delightful feed oozes good vibes, with plenty of pretty shots of healthy food, beautiful scenery and thoughtful captions. 


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