There's no shortage of yogis in Hong Kong, and we've gotta say, the city's male yoga stars are taking the scene by storm. Below are 10 Hong Kong male yogis, from instructors to studio owners, to follow on Instagram right now:

1. Victor Chau

One of the most well-known yoga instructors in Hong Kong, Victor has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. His Instagram feed features impressive twists, backbends and a variation of handstands that most can only dream of achieving.


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2. Adam Weirick

This Hong Kong-based Australian yoga teacher runs his own yoga studio, Yoga Union, in Central.You’ll find pictures of him practicing various asanas, class photos and beach adventures on his feed, alongside the occasional yoga meme and a few bonus cute pups.


3. Luke Graeber

Luke is an accountant-turned-yoga teacher currently based in Hong Kong. His specialties—acroyoga, backbends and handstands—are the main focus on his profile, where he makes use of vibrant outdoor colours and cityscapes to create a stunning aesthetic.


4. Gianni Melwani

As well as being the co-founder of Iris Hong Kong, the city’s largest yoga and wellness event, Gianni is a also teacher of meditation and yoga. The busy entrepreneur’s belief in a healthy work-life-balance extends to his Instagram, where he shares photos of him leading classes and seminars, hanging out with family and some adorable snaps with his fiancé.


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5. James Gannaban

James’ smile and positive energy are contagious, even through Instagram. This Hong Kong yogi doesn't shy away from sharing his daily life on Instagram, from mouth-watering food and cafe photos to quintessential yoga pics, which are often accompanied by long, thoughtful captions.


6. James White

James' headstands and single arm holds will surely leave you in awe. This vegetarian yoga teacher also shows off his strength by balancing himself on unusual places. Our favourite? His throwback photo of him doing a handstand on a motorcycle back in 2015.


7. Samrat Dasgupta

One of the most qualified yoga teachers in Hong Kong, Samrat holds a Bachelor of Yogic Science and a 500-hour yoga teacher training certificate. He also founded Hong Kong Yoga Federation, Sama Yoga and is a senior yoga teacher at Pure Hong Kong. Follow him around the world as he teaches at yoga retreats everywhere from Okinawa to Koh Samui.


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8. Dominic Fan

This Nike trainer teaches at studios all around Hong Kong, including TORQ, Goji Studios and Simple Life Studio. While he posts yoga and coaching photos, it’s his friendly and approachable personality that will make you click “follow”.


9. Dilip Pillai

Dilip uses social media to share three of his passions: nature conservation, wildlife photography and holistic wellness. You’ll find this yogi always in the great outdoors, whether it’s to capture a stunning shot of local birds or striking a warrior pose.


10. Will Tan

Leading classes at Pure Yoga and at international schools, Will pays close attention to his feed, using a nostalgic filter on his photos. Sharing everyday details from yoga, friends, family and seaside adventures.


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