If a reminder is just what you need to get your physical wellbeing back on track, we’ve got just the list of KL’s influential fitness and wellness icons.

The month of April finds most of us knee-deep in our career pursuits, with health and wellness in the backburner. That’s where World Health Day comes into the picture on April 7. Thankfully, these health and wellness Instagrammers have made working out more fun, eating #keto accessible, and introduced new creative of workouts, among other healthy things. Forget fitness tracking apps—simply tap #TurnOnNotification.

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Joanna Soh - #1 Fitness YouTuber in Asia

Who needs Kayla Itsines when you’ve got Joanna Soh? Our very own fitness guru boasts major street cred to her repertoire, as a certified personal trainer (ACE), nutrition coach (VN) and women’s fitness specialist (NASM). She is also the #1 wellness and fitness YouTuber in Asia, with a cool 1.5 million subscribers and counting on her channel. From safe and effective home workouts to protein-packed recipes made from locally-available ingredients, Joanna is the perfect virtual coach. She’s recently launched a fitness app, Fio, where you can get daily full-length workouts.


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KetoJules - Keto-Friendly Malaysian Recipes

Everyone’s jumping onto the keto bandwagon these days, but what is keto and how do you do the diet properly and safely? Julie of KetoJules is a certified ketogenic living coach who regained energy, health and confidence, after shedding 17kg from her 92kg frame on that diet. She documents recipes, keto-friendly eateries, grocery finds on Instagram and the basics of keto in Malaysia. Good news is: kuih ketayap, nasi lemak and bread are on the menu, all thanks to this former Makan editor!

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Azmil Saleh - Celebrity Personal Trainer

The search for a personal trainer can be daunting that we don’t blame you for never getting past lacing up your trainers. The sign of a good trainer is everything Azmil Saleh is – his clients range Ironman junkies the likes of Dato’ Setia Aubry Rahim Mennesson to PR virtuoso Ferhat Nazri-Aziz and busy CEOs: you can be sure it’s not purely for the aesthetic with his tailored 90-day fitness achievement protocol programs. Follow his Instagram for Insta stories and happenings in the studio.

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Ahirine Ahirudin - Motorsports Enthusiast

Don’t be fooled by Ahirine’s delicate frame and chiselled features that stand out on her Instagram – her idea of lip panettones is motorbike models, and come the weekend, she’s racing big boys of the motorsports industry on extreme roadtrips. Whether it's cycling or biking, Ahirine carries off her sporty ensembles flawlessly, giving you reason to ditch fancy-dress Sunday brunch for a cardio-boosting workout instead.      


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Germaine Yeap – Martial Artist & Stunt Woman

With Muay Thai moves that could cripple, one would not suspect that the professionally-trained female fighter was once a banker. Germaine’s passion for combat sports made her leave a lucrative banking career, and transition into competitive fighting and personal training. Now, she’s a fitness model, stunt actress and advocate of body positivity via her Instagram.

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Teo Yi Ping – Creator Of Booty Popping

Regulars at Flyproject would be familiar with the dynamite presence of of Yi Ping. When the marketing and PR manager of KL’s hottest fitness studio isn’t hustling on her computer, she can be found leading Flycycle spin classes, presiding over hi-energy boxing sessions and teaching her curated full-body BootyPopping classes. If you’ve not signed up for her classes yet, you will after following her on Instagram.

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Benny Price - Plant-Based Kickboxer

Here's one of the most debated questions in the fitness world, “Can athletes thrive on plant-based diets?”
After chancing upon Benny Price, a.k.a. Veggiehench on Instagram, we have our answer. The kickboxing instructor, certified post-rehab NASM private trainer and CEO of sports coach concierge service, Joompa not only delivers sound advice on consuming nutrient-rich vegetarian diet, he also shares ‘Veggiehench-approved’ plant-based restaurants and dishes in KL.

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Siu Lim – Hijabi Pilates Instructor

Some may know Siu Lim as the Muslim convert who bravely spoke out about her divorce, but we’re here to talk about another empowering part of this inspirational woman; as a Pilates instructor. Siu Lim is one of the rare instructors who proves that religious observations shouldn’t stop a woman from working out. Because of her boldness and super-strong Pilates repute, Muslim women have found freedom in fitness, embracing elegant yet modest sports attire. See more on her Instagram

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Jessica Ong – Classpass Malaysia Country Manager

Who better than the Classpass Malaysia country manager to follow for health goals? Jessica Ong not only crunches numbers and informs strategy of the fitness app, she is also a rhythmic cycling instructor, yoga teacher and ACE personal trainer. Her Instagram posts evokes serious #fitspo, featuring her chiselled abs as she takes on the great outdoors and a variety of workouts. Follow her on Instagram as a reminder to sign up with Classpass.

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Yasmin Hani Richardson – Fit Mum & Founder Of Fitjab

The former actor and TV presenter not only takes her role as mother of 2 seriously, she makes me-time a priority too with power-packed workouts, as documented on Instagram. From boxing and cycling to surfing, Yasmin sticks to a routine that gives her the energy to look after her children, perform in her career, and even launch fitness label FitJab, a Muslimah fitness hijab line designed for daily life and working out.

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