Cover Model 4072, a stainless-steel chronograph wristwatch, circa 1943. (Photo: Vacheron Constantin)

Vacheron Constantin's "Chronograph & Calendar" exhibition brings its very first chronograph pocket watch to Hong Kong this February

Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest watch manufacture, has brought its very first chronograph pocket watch to Hong Kong. The timepiece, which was made in 1877, houses chronograph and calendar complications, and is part of the watchmaker’s heritage collection.

The watchmaker has long breathed new life into its historic pieces with the Les Collectionneurs line, which is led by a division that tracks down and restores the brand’s most exceptional vintage and antique creations.

Aptly named Chronograph & Calendar, the Hong Kong-based exhibition will showcase a total of eight chronograph and calendar vintage timepieces, that were developed between 1827 and 1960.

Vacheron Constantin has produced chronographs since the early 19th century. One of the most versatile complications in watchmaking, a chronograph can be used as a stopwatch and was first created by Louis Moinet in 1815, although it wasn't revealed until the following year.

Chronograph & Calendar also shines a spotlight on calendar complications, for which a simple date display shows a number representing the day of the month. More complex versions show the month, year, and day of the week. Vacheron Constantin’s first calendar clock was produced in 1790 and featured an exquisite engraving on the dial.

See below for more details on the eight watches that will be on display in Hong Kong this month…

Chronograph & Calendar runs from February 1 to February 10 , 2021 at Vacheron Constantin’s Landmark Prince’s boutique, and February 11 to February 21, 2021 at Vacheron Constantin’s Ocean Terminal boutique

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