We list our favourite pieces on show at Symbolic & Chase’s booth at the annual Masterpiece Fair in London

With a variety of arts and antique fairs taking place throughout the world, we must admit that one that stands out from the rest is the Masterpiece Fair in London – an annual event that highlights the beauty of artisinal craftsmanship with a variety of classic and contemporary jewellery pieces on show.

Carnet, the innovative jewellery atelier founded by Michelle Ong-Cheung, can be found at Symbolic & Chase’s booth. We list our top three favourites from their collection:

More information about the Masterpiece Fair can be found on their website

Glowing Jade & Gem Necklace

Epitomising Carnet’s design philosophy of transforming jewellery into works of art, this necklace reflects Ong-Cheung’s extraordinary use of colour. With jade, white and brown diamonds, emeralds, and purple sapphire, the delicate craftsmanship of the necklace is truly a masterpiece.

Diamond Sea Nymph Earrings

Inspired by the oceans and waves, the unusual shell-shaped design of these earrings is crafted using a special rondelle and rose-cut diamonds, creating an ethereal effect that gives it a shimmer and a sense of fluidity rarely found in something so elegant.

Blue & White Reverie Earrings

Ong-Cheung’s designs are renowned for offering something that is distinctly different; these earrings that hark back to Ong-Cheung’s Hong Kong roots are no exception. With a ceramic or blue and white porcelain inspiration, the intricate craftsmanship of the blue sapphires and convex shape give the piece a sense of volume and depth.