Cover The Franck Muller Vanguard Rose Skeleton comes in different colours with the roses matching the hue of the leather strap that accompanies the watch (Photos: Franck Muller)

Who are the talented artisans who lend their magic touch to the new Franck Muller Vanguard Rose Skeleton?

We recently reported that Franck Muller had just unveiled the new Vanguard Rose Skeleton watch collection. This line puts a feminine twist on the Vanguard collection with an open-worked dial bearing the rose motif, with the execution realised by various crafts. Simply put, it’s a combination of technical chops and artistic mastery. What exactly were these crafts though?

Craftspeople behind metiers d’art timepieces rarely share the spotlight with their creations—with these horological talents often remaining unnamed faces (and hands) behind their creation. With its intricately carved bridges and plates set with jewels, as well as the handpainted and brightly coloured embellishments, it is certainly not a task for a single artisan.

To spotlight the efforts that have gone into the creation of the Vanguard Rose Skeleton, Franck Muller has created a video that offers an intimate look into the process of developing such a timepiece. Beyond just illustrating the work and talent that has gone into the watch, it also celebrates the artisans’ mastery of their various crafts.

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Take gem-setter Arthur Marques Feliciano, for instance—this loyal servant for the watch manufacture for over two decades has the dexterous task of bejewelling timepieces. “It’s very precise work: the claws are very small, so you have to be careful not to damage anything when you move,” Feliciano would comment about the care he has to take when setting gems.  

In fact, Feliciano’s artistry in his work could not be more pronounced than in pieces like this boutique exclusive V35 sized rose gold diamond-encrusted bezel. Each individual diamond is carefully and masterfully laid, bringing the watch’s exquisite aesthetic to life. 

Another skilled artisan who is integral to bringing the Vanguard Rose Skeleton to life is Nadia Guinchard, who is in charge of applying the coloured varnish to the dials of the timepiece. She is one of the few craftsmen who bring the roses and leaves on the dial to life with the right hue and masterful brushstrokes. Mixing the varnish to get the exact shade required for the component is key because it requires experience and a sharp eye to get the formulation right. “Our work requires concentration and calmness. We are kind of in our own bubble,” she said. “This way, we know what we are doing and we cannot make mistakes. The calmer we are, the better.”

Both artisans are just part of the many craftsmen behind a single Vanguard Rose Skeleton watch. That Franck Muller boasts various talents for different skill sets is a testament to its capability as a full-fledged manufacture, and it is something not all watch brands can take pride in. 

Despite the Vanguard Rose Skeleton being a highly technical watch in terms of production, it is an everyday watch for the contemporary woman. It comes in a variety of colours and combinations—turning up the style ante from corporate gear to evening wear has never been such a cinch. 

There is even a special version known as the Vanguard Rose Skeleton Color Dreams, of which all variants boast multiple colours on the different dial elements—an ode to the brand’s trademarked Color Dreams combination. 


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