Enhanced features on the new-gen Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition will help to improve the performance of golfers—professional or otherwise—on the green

According to Tag Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault, “playing with a Tag Heuer Connected is a true game-changer that will give any golfer an immediate competitive edge. And it does so without compromising on elegance and style".

That is why the global golfing community has taken to the smartwatch, which was first launched last year, with many opting for it to be their wingman. 

One of these converts is English golfer and Tag Heuer ambassador Tommy Fleetwood, who recently finished tied 10th at the 2021 Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, USA. “I love wearing this watch both on and off the course," says the world No 21. “The features are really well-thought-out, making the game more precise and I can’t think of a golfer whose game wouldn’t benefit from it.”

On the one feature of the smartwatch that he likes best, Fleetwood admits that he "really enjoys the distance shot feature".

"I see how my drive is performing on the golf course taking into account the real conditions I am playing in, the timing of this has worked perfectly for me as I’ve been testing my new clubs," he added.

Fleetwood and his fellow golfers will be delighted to know that Tag Heuer has launched an upgraded version of the smartwatch. New features, including enhanced maps and a club recommendation tool, have been integrated into the Connected Golf Edition.

The 2D maps displayed on the watch now feature more details, including forests and single trees, while the accompanying mobile application (both on Android and iOS) comes with 3D map improvements as all textures such as water, rough and fairway and assets including trees and walls are much more detailed now. 

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Above English golfer and world No 21 Tommy Fleetwood will don the Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition on and off the course

Another new feature is the club recommendation tool. The app will suggest the club based on distance for the particular shot as the user moves the target on the map. The distance for each of the user's clubs can be pre-programmed and the watch will then better its recommendations taking the shots recorded into consideration.

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Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition aims to improve the golfer's game with high technology
Above Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition aims to improve the golfer's game with high technology

The Tag Heuer Connected watch features an ultra-lightweight 45mm black titanium case and is presented on a white rubber strap with green stitching and a texture that resembles the surface pattern on a golf ball. It also comes with a black perforated rubber strap alternative, which boasts an interchangeable bracelet system, for daily wear. 

With this enhanced Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition, sinking that eagle on the green has just gotten easier and more stylish than ever. 

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