Simple and classic watches top Kim Raymond’s preference for timepieces, although she does enjoy ‘pinching’ some unique novelties from her father’s collection.

When she is not busy managing her soon-to-be husband Keith Foo’s acting career, styling photo shoots or planning her approaching wedding at the end of the year, Kim Raymond enjoys having a peek at her father Dato’ Jeffrey Raymond’s watch collection.

“My father was the one who sparked my interest in watches as he would always tell us tatler_tatler_stories about how different watches are made and the different types of movements,” she says with a smile.

Kim is my conscience whenever I buy a new piece to add to my collection. She would say, ‘Dad, you deserve it. You worked hard and you must make yourself happy.’ Those words really set me straight and I would then start to look for another watch I deserve,” notes Dato’ Raymond.

Here are some lessons this young fashionista has learnt from her father’s passion for watches and how she is following in his footsteps of becoming a collector.

Useful advice from her father

“It is not about the price of the watch, you can find a good watch at any price. My father loves unique and fun pieces and always buys random interesting watches, like the Slow Watch, which has nothing but a single hand to tell time.”

Watches, items of sentimentality

“My first ever watch was given to me by my parents on my birthday, which was a black Chanel J12. I had wanted it ever since I was 16. Finally they gave it to me at18 when my parents thought I was of a proper age. All of my other watches also mean a great deal to me as most of them were passed down to me by my father and I cherish them all very much”

 How her taste differs from her father's

“Well, for one, he does not understand my love for Rolex watches and always questions me about it. I guess in a way I like simple classic watches which are not bright in colour while my father loves unique and fun pieces besides the classics.”

 Timepiece she is eyeing at the moment

“I've actually got my eye on another Cartier Santos and would really like to buy that. I'm not one for fancy things; I like to keep it simple so my pick would be a classic one but in bigger size. What I want from my dad’s stash? Let’s just say my brothers are watching me closely.”

Credits: Makeup by Eddie Iskandar Wong using Dior; Hair by Kay Tuan from Centro Hair Salon

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