Azmil Kamil Azahari is always on the lookout for the right investments, especially watches to add on to his growing collection.


Starting a watch collection is a hobby that refined men will eventually foray into, especially if they have parents who share the same passion.

Azmil Kamil Azahari is one such individual, having inherited his interest in timepieces from his father Datuk Mohamed Azahari Kamil, the CEO of Asian Finance Bank.

Father to son


“As a newbie, I often consult my dad and seek his advice before purchasing a watch. I have to admit that my dad has a good eye to spot the best as his years of being a watch lover has allowed him to appreciate 'must-have' novelties,” says this banker by profession.

His father’s top advice? “Buy a watch that is designed by an actual watchmaker,” says Azmil with a laugh.

Personal taste


“Watches are intimate things. In the modern world, people judge how smart, tasteful, attractive and smart you are based on visual indicators. The finishing touches for any man is a nice wristwatch. The watch sometimes helps me to get noticed and for me, I wear accessories to distinguish myself from others. It’s a simple pleasure of mine,” he explains.

His collection


He has built a collection of watches that can be used for all occasions, from sporty to dressy. “With a wide variety of watches available today, sometimes it can be difficult to know which watches to wear for what occasion. For me, picking the right to watch to wear is easy as I have watches to fit any occasion,” he shares.

Favourite brand


While he has his father to thank for cementing the basis of his collecting principles, Azmil affirms the common knowledge that the attraction between a collector and a watch is indeed an emotional thing.

In terms of tastes, the age gap between Azmil and his father is evident in their respective ideas of a dream watch. Azmil has always been a big fan of Richard Mille, while Datuk Azahari is—and always will be—a Patek Philippe loyalist.

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