Cover SLGH003 (9SA5 Hi-Beat caliber) from the Grand Seiko Heritage Collection has a look distinctively similar to the celebrated 44GS signature style but the hour hand has greater volume and the indexes are more prominent. It includes deep blue colored dial with a red-tinged second hand, both inspired by mornings at Studio Shizukuishi.

Seiko celebrates the launch of the brand's first creation 60 years ago by launching new timepieces imbued with legendary Japanese craftsmanship

Grand Seiko just launched new studios and timepieces that exude splendour and promotes the importance of time. It's a brilliant way to celebrate the brand's 60th anniversary and emphasise their vision to construct the "king of watches."

Since the 1950s, Seiko's excellent watchmakers were determined to create timepieces that are durable, legible, precise, and easy to use—and this is what Seiko's team aim to continue even after 60 years.

For the director and senior vice president Yoshikatsu Kawada of Seiko Watch Corporation, their 60th year is particularly momentous. "60 is a significant number in horology. It takes 60 seconds to fill a minute, and 60 minutes to complete an hour. Moreso, 60 is important in Japanese culture as it signifies a moment of new energy and rebirth. Beginning this year, we promoted a new concept for the brand —the Nature of Time. And with this, we celebrate the Japanese spirituality of time brought to life with the pride and spirit of Takumi — the great Japanese watch masters and artisans who pour their hearts and souls and their entire selves in every detail of the process all in the pursuit of the ideal watch. We opened the year with a grand celebration to feature our anniversary collection, and it is just right to close the year with yet another set of offerings."

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The collection was showcased through Seiko's Digital Tour Launch. The watches are reminiscent of the captivating morning view of Mount Iwate—including the blue skies and faint red strokes coming from the sun peeking behind the clouds. The back case also has a limited edition label with the serial number and of course Grand Seiko's signature lion emblem.

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They also highlighted releases within 2020 including the launch of Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi in July 2020, a new facility located in Japan that serves as the sole venue for creating the brand's mechanical watches, and the first-ever Grand Seiko Boutique in Paris Vendome that was launched in March 2020. They will also open Seiko Premium Boutique in Ayala Malls Manila Bay very soon.

Grand Seiko also showcased the new 9SA5 Hi-Beat calibre which serves as the beginning of the brand's new generation — that is nine years in the making by movement designer Hisashi Fujieda and his team — of mechanical watches. 

President and CEO of Timeplus Corporation Karl Dy expressed his appreciation and excitement over the new collection. "Our 60th year means new opportunities to grow and expand Grand Seiko. It is also a reminder of the legacy that we built since 1960, and how the brand brought satisfaction, joy, and serenity to watch lovers around the world. Watch aficionados adore Grand Seiko’s luxury craftsmanship. Though they’ve only been in the Philippine market for a few years, its models are highly sought after by local collectors and enthusiasts. We are very excited to celebrate Grand Seiko’s 60th anniversary and we look forward to more sophisticated, authentic, and nature-inspired timepieces," he said.

You can shop the collection online through Seiko's digital store for a safe shopping experience by visiting the Seiko boutiques to see the impeccable timepieces up close at the ground floor of Glorietta 1, second floor of SM Aura Premier, and third floor of SM Seaside Cebu. 

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