Cover Excalibur Single Flying Toubillon in Eon Gold

Design and technical updates define the latest iteration of this classic model from the Excalibur line

Within the realm of haute horlogerie, Roger Dubuis has long stood apart with its irreverent attitude towards watchmaking. Take skeletonisation, for instance. In lieu of sinuous bridges and mainplates, the manufacture favours openworked watches with bold architectural forms anchored by its signature star motif. The same goes for other aspects of both design and technical execution, from developing complex, multifaceted cases to using four balances to keep time in a single watch. The result is a brand with a wholly unique identity, and watches that are instantly recognisable from across the room. This is perhaps best seen in Roger Dubuis’ new Excalibur Single Flying Tourbillon. Visually, the new timepiece’s design language is stronger than ever thanks to its strong two-line motif, which can be seen on the crown, flange, bezel, bridges, and hands. This well-loved classic has also been updated with tweaks to both its case and movement to reflect the brand’s latest vision for it.

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For a start, the Excalibur Single Flying Tourbillon’s case has been thinned down, with the sleeker look also achieved via subtle changes to its surfaces and edges. As an extension to this, a new strap system has also been developed, with five different sizes offered for every option to suit different wrists—complete with a quick change mechanism, of course. Together, these features don’t just provide comfort, but also allows each wearer to achieve a perfect fit with the strap buckle perfectly centred on the wrist.

The movement in the Excalibur Single Flying Tourbillon has been overhauled too. Its tourbillon now has a tiered construction, with the lower and upper cages rendered in titanium and cobalt-chrome respectively. Such an approach reduces the tourbillon regulator’s weight vis-a-vis traditional ones with steel cages, which improves efficiency for a longer power reserve of 72 hours.

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Weight savings aside, the usage of cobalt-chrome for the tourbillon upper cage allows it to still be mirror polished. This is especially important not just as a hallmark of highwatchmaking, but also because every single Roger Dubuis is certified Poincon de Genève, and part of the criteria is superlative finishing of each movement component, from circular brushed surfaces to anglage. The same attention to detail extends everywhere else in the movement. Note, for instance, how the star-shaped bridges appear to float above the barrel while anchoring it.

The Excalibur Single Flying Tourbillon is best approached as a juxtaposition of disruptive design work and classic high watchmaking, given how it combines avant-garde aesthetics with the highest standards of movement design and finishing.

This timepiece is available in dark grey DLC-coated titanium, cobalt chrome CarTech Micro-Melt BioDur CCMTM, or Eon Gold, a proprietary pink gold alloy that promises greater hue stability than regular variants. Each reference is limited to just 88 pieces worldwide.

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