Despite being product strategy director of cutting-edge watchmaker Roger Dubuis, Gregory Bruttin is an old soul

There’s more to Gregory Bruttin than meets the eye. Appreciating the strong foundations built by Roger Dubuis himself, the product strategy director sees his main focus as keeping the maison on the straight and narrow. Classical design concepts and in-house movements dominate his days—something of a surprise, considering Roger Dubuis’ reputation for eccentric mash-ups and daring designs. But as Bruttin explains when visiting Hong Kong, time-honoured traditions are as important as the sleekest new technology.

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Is Asia the future of watchmaking?

Collectors in Asia are extremely knowledgeable. Hong Kong, in particular, is very impressive. It can be challenging meeting collectors here because they ask difficult questions, but it’s what makes the job fun.

What makes Roger Dubuis different?

We’re a young brand that likes to create something crazy and noisy. But while we’re known for our modern watches, we’re also passionate about traditional complications. Historic movements are what’s at the heart of Roger Dubuis. We create something new­­, but we don’t sacrifice quality.

How so?

The Poinçon de Genève, or Geneva Seal, which guarantees exclusivity, origin, know-how, performance and durability. Only six brands have Geneva Seal watches. To qualify, each component is made by hand, in-house, and tested to guarantee precision.

Which is your favourite watch?

It’s always the next one.

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