In typical over-the-top style, Richard Mille once again demonstrates why it is a show pony with substance with a striking RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure watch (limited to 20 pieces) that combines various functions even John Rambo would find useful.
Tatler Asia
Photo: Getty Images
Above Photo: Getty Images

The Stallone connection

Richard Mille has enlisted the help of Sylvester Stallone in the creation of RM25-01 Adventure, noting the Hollywood star's preference for an imposing case (a whopping 50.85mm in diameter), hardy features (a combination of titanium and carbon TPT for the case as well as a movement machined out of grade 5 titanium) and useful functions beyond simple time-reading that would serve a hardcore adventurer well.

For instance, the watch boasts a 24-hour time display so as to be able differentiate between AM and PM when one is deprived of sunlight, like in a cave. The rubber strap, a material well-suited for the outdoors, features camouflage pattern for a more adventurous look.

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Tatler Asia
The detachable bezel with compass (Photo: Richard Mille)
Above The detachable bezel with compass (Photo: Richard Mille)

It has a tourbillon, a chronograph and even a compass

The tourbillon enhances precision by counteracting gravitational effects. The chronograph measures elapsed time. And then there is the compass to help you navigate the wilderness.

The watch comes with two interchangeable bezels, the more interesting of which is the compass in grade 5 titanium with DLC coating. Easily fixed onto the watch via a bayonet mount, its sapphire crystals have a layer of anti-magnetic coating to protect the integrity of the compass.

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Tatler Asia
Photo: Richard Mille)
Above Photo: Richard Mille)

A couple of surprise additions

At ‘4’, you will notice a glass tube filled with green liquid. This is a spirit level to ensure the watch is perfectly horizontal for better reading of the compass. At ‘2’, you will find a hermetic compartment to store water purification tablets. You know, just in case you find yourself in a spot where there is no safe drinking water.

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