Cover Michelle Yeoh wears RM07-01 in black ceramic

The Swiss luxury watchmaker counts Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh and Olympic medallists among its loyal female fans

With a minimum six-figure price tag for its watches, Richard Mille applies fastidious measures for all of its creations, no matter the gender they are made for. Founded in 2001, it only took four years for the independent watchmaker to release its first watch for the discerning female population, the RM07 automatic that didn't shy away from the boldness — think cutting edge materials, avant-garde aesthetics — that had come to define its masculine timepieces.

Whether it is the use of high performance TPT (Thin Ply Technology) carbon or the incorporation of the skeletonised Calibre RMAS7 automatic movement, the message is clear: the Richard Mille women, like their male counterparts, are bold and confident, unafraid to take charge and display their strength. 

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In recent years, more and more attention is being paid to bolster its timepieces for the ladies, especially since Cécile Guenat joined as the creative director for the ladies collection, and Amanda Mille as its head of client relations. Both women are the daughters of the brand founders, Dominique Guenat and Richard Mille respectively.

Last year, Guenat debuted her first women's watch, the Automatic Talisman, that showcased her expertise in jewellery design combined with the maison's mastery in complicated movements. Earlier the same year, Richard Mille flirtation with the ladies reached fever pitch with the colourful Bonbon collection that featured candy and fruity motifs created with high-tech materials and innovative techniques. 

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The commitment to the highest level of craftsmanship, the attention to detail, the ability to stand out — these have earned Richard Mille the adulation of some of the world's top female personalities in sports and entertainment. As the brand is known for its willingness to take the watches through their paces in real life situations, the likes of Olympic snowboader Ester Ledecká, golfer Nelly Korda and race car driver Aurora Straus have competed with Richard Milles on their wrists. 

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Oscar nominee, and one of the highest paid actresses in the world, Margot Robbie joined the Richard Mille family in 2017. "I've always admired the brand's artistry and innovation," said Robbie, adding that they would be creating a collection of which the proceeds will go to charity.

"The watch we're working on embodies Richard Mille's vision of horology; it's beautiful, unique and modern," she said.

Perhaps its most famous ambassador is Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, who is often seen with a Richard Mille, on and off screen. She discovered the watch through her significant other, Jean Todt. "From the start, it was a mutual respect for each other’s artistry. I don’t think you can represent a brand if you don’t believe in their values," Yeoh said in a statement on Richard Mille's website.

"(Richard Mille and I) share the same artistic values and principles. Richard chooses his ambassadors based on the values they represent—the same ones he wants his brand to be associated with, be that elegance, determination, integrity or any number of specific things," she added.

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