Cover The assortment features six unique creations inspired by artworks in MoMA's collections (from left): "The Dream" (1910) by Henri Rosseau, "The Starry Night" (1889) by Vincent van Gogh, "The City and Design, The Wonders of Life on Earth, Isamu Kurita" (1966) by Tadanori Yokoo, "New York" (1968) by Tadanori Yokoo, "Composition in Oval with Colour Planes 1" (1914) by Piet Mondrian, and "Hope, II" (1907-1908) by Gustav Klimt.

Making art accessible to everyone, renowned watch brand Swatch collaborates once again with the revered Museum of Modern Art to launch six special edition watches that showcase some of the museum's finest collections

The Museum Journey series of the Swiss watch brand Swatch continues this 2021 with a collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), featuring six epic timepieces showcasing some of the finest artworks from the said museum. 

"We're proud to continue MoMA's ongoing relationship with Swatch through this new collection of watches inspired by artworks from MoMA's collection," said Associate Director of Business Development for MoMA Robin Sayetta. "MoMA's commitment to good design as a part of everyday life is exemplified by Swatch watches."

The dial and bracelets of these watches show significant eye-striking features of the artworks, patched together to make each timepiece identifiable to the masterpieces. Definitely taking the art out of the museum, the collection features the following paintings: The Dream (1910) by Henri Rosseau, The Starry Night (1889) by Vincent van Gogh, The City and Design, The Wonders of Life on Earth, Isamu Kurita (1966) by Tadanori Yokoo, New York (1968) by Tadanori Yokoo, Composition in Oval with Colour Planes 1 (1914) by Piet Mondrian, and Hope, II (1907-1908) by Gustav Klimt. These watches can be purchased individually or as a collector's edition in a special box inspired by the Blade Stair, a prominent architectural feature of MoMA.

Swatch has had collaborations with MoMA before, which resulted in three Swatch watches now in the museum's permanent collection; the GB100 in 1983, the GK100 Jelly Fish in 1985, and SFK100 Jelly Skin in 1998. Moreover, Swatch watches have been featured in four MoMA exhibitions: "Humble Masterpieces" (2004), "Architecture and Design: Inaugural Installation" (2004-2005), "Standard Deviations: Types and Families in Contemporary Design" (2011-2012), and, most recently, "Items: Is Fashion Modern?"  (2017-2018). This 2021 collaboration highlights more of MoMA's collections in comparison to the previous ones with the aim to make art accessible to everyone wherever and whenever. 

"It is a true honour to be able to reinterpret masterpieces by Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and Piet Mondrian and highlight our dedication to art and artists of the 20th-century; and include watches designed by highly acclaimed contemporary artists," said Swatch Art Peace Hotel CEO Carlo Giordonetti.

Additionally, Swatch has also collaborated with Brazilian contemporary artist Beatriz Milhazes for a limited edition of watches that will be available only at the MoMA Design Stores in New York. This is for the Swatch X You platform that allows customers to create their own customised watch style on Swatch's website and select stores. The works customers may choose from are Suculentas Beringelas (Succulent Eggplants) (1996), O Espelho (The Mirror) (2000), and Meu Bem (2008).

These watches can be purchased at the Swatch Shops starting on 4 March 2021. Watch out for further announcements from Swatch Philippines about the collector's edition in a special box.

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