Cover The 70 Years of Luminor – Vintage Exhibition will showcase 70 different timepieces (Photo: Courtesy of Panerai)

The exhibition will showcase 70 exclusive timepieces from the Panerai Museum and local private collectors in the Hong Kong flagship boutique

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of its iconic Luminor collection, Panerai will hold an exhibition titled 70 Years of Luminor – Vintage Exhibition from October 22 to November 4 at its Canton Road flagship boutique in Hong Kong.

This marks the first worldwide historical exhibition dedicated to 70 years of the collection.

On top of exhibiting 70 exclusive timepieces from the Panerai Museum, their private collectors and Panerai VIPs, the Florentine luxury watchmaker will also put on display vintage pieces from the upcoming Philips auction next month in this special exhibition.

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Together with the four rare and historical watches, the exhibition will feature existing timepieces of the Luminor collection to highlight the evolution of Luminor throughout the years.

Panerai will also showcase its latest novelties: the manual winding Luminor Base Logo 44 mm and the Luminor Logo 44 mm. These brand-new timepieces serve as an inheritance observed through widely recognised graphic codes of Panerai. Its sharp and singular lines were inspired by the first civilian models of the 1990s.

Some of the other notable pieces on display include the following:

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Luminor Sealand For Purdey – Lion Engraving 40 mm

Panerai partnered with British gun and rifle making house, Purdey to release different editions of the Luminor Sealand watches. This "hunter-style" case with its protective metal cover over the dial (to block the light from reflecting) feels thematically right for a collaboration with a gunmaker.

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Luminor Marina Tantalium 44mm

This a military-inspired piece with a larger case size. It is made from Tantalum which is a rare metal in blue-gray hue. It was notably worn by basketball legend, Michael Jordan while watching a tennis match.

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Luminor 1950 8 Days

The "8 Days" movement was adopted by Panerai in the 1940s in order to supply the Italian Navy with a time-measuring instrument which was as reliable and accurate as possible.

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Radiomir Egiziano 60mm, Titanium

The Egiziano (Egyptian), is a model developed by the Florentine watchmaker to be supplied to the underwater commandos of the Egyptian Navy in response to its request for an "indestructible watch".

It's a highly special model, originally produced in just a few dozen units and currently almost unobtainable on the vintage watch market. It's also the biggest Panerai watch model to date with a 60 mm diameter.

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