Adding to the collection that already includes a ring and pendant, Bulgari will be launching a Save The Children bracelet this month to raise funds for the children's charity.

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For over seven years now Bulgari has worked with Save The Children to raise funds as well as bring attention to the work done by the children’s charity. The growth of this partnership has seen Bulgari tap into its wealth of celebrity ambassadors to actively take part and help the charity improve the lives of children around the world.

With over 16 field trips under their belt with celebrities like Ben Stiller, Adrien Brody and Eric Bana to countries like Uganda, Haiti and Nepal, Bulgari embarked on its most recent trip to Vietnam with four of its South East Asian ambassadors.

Singaporean actress Jeanette Aw, Malaysian actress Debbie Goh, Thai DJ Hattaya Wongkrachang, and Miss Universe Vietnam 2015 Pham Huong embarked on a journey over rocky roads and mountains to get to the hard-to-reach areas of the Dien Bien Province where they learned first hand about Save The Children’s bilingual educational programme.

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The four ambassadors spent their time there learning from the ethnic minority children and their teachers about the harsh conditions they live in, and about how Bulgari and Save The Children have helped them find ways to cope with their constraints.

Dien Bien Dong is categorized as one of the poorest districts in Vietnam with a poverty rate over 50%, and a population of over 95% Dao and H’mong ethnic minorities whose children struggle to gain an education due to a language barrier.

With a €200,000 donation from Bulgari, Save The Children is working with the children using the ‘mother-tongue-based multilingual education’ approach, which makes the child’s language, culture and context the foundation of learning. They are also working with parents to ensure they are better prepared to support their children’s learning at home, upgrade school kitchens and playgrounds and create a better hygiene system with new water tanks and latrines.

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The relationship between Bulgari and Save The Children started in 2009 when the jeweller created a special-edition ring, with part of the proceeds from its sale going to the charity. The collection has raised over €37 million (approx. RM170 million) to help fund Save The Children programmes in 29 countries.

Adding to the collection that already includes the ring and a pendant, Bulgari will be launching a Save The Children bracelet this month. Priced at RM2200, for which RM350 will go to the charity, the bracelet is available at Bulgari stores as well as online, giving everyone a chance to help save the children.

To find out more, visit Bulgari’s official website.


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