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Rolex works with these environmentalists to safeguard and preserve our planet

The love story of Rolex and planet Earth is one for the ages. The brand’s passion for watchmaking, adventure and the planet has birthed the world’s greatest explorers and most loyal defenders.

Synonymous with Rolex is their Perpetual Planet initiative, launched in 2019 with the mission of supporting explorers of today on their commitment to safeguard and preserve our planet. While the urgency of preserving our oceans may be lost to some, Rolex takes the lead in pioneering projects for marine conservation.

As climate change continues to damage the planet, threats against the ocean multiply at a blinding rate. In the words of America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), one of the most urgent crises is the steadily rising temperatures of the ocean surface, which have increased throughout the 20th century and show no sign of stopping. 

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In the face of looming calamity, Rolex inspires hope. It is true that Rolex stands for luxury and nobility, but one will do well to remember the brand’s equally down-to-earth persona. As such, 2021 brings forth advancement on the Perpetual Planet initiative—in June, Rolex released a breathtaking nature documentary titled Perpetual Planet: Heroes of the Ocean.

A portal into the world’s majestic and often forgotten azure depths, this film narrates the emotional undertaking of caring for the ocean’s ecosystems. From technology research to species protection, the audience is given a raw glimpse into Sylvia Earle and seven different marine scientists who make up the ocean’s first line of defence. 

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Legendary oceanographer and Rolex Testimonee Sylvia Earle narrates this spectacular adventure. A passionate woman in charge, she is also the founder of Mission Blue, a partner of Perpetual Planet and a global organisation committed to preserving the ocean and all the creatures that live in it. Hand in hand with Earle in her work with Mission Blue is Angélique Pouponneau, a representative from the east African country of Seychelles at the Mission Blue Hope Spot.

Specialising in distinct species conservation across the globe is a star-studded crew of Rolex Awards Associate Laureates. In order to flourish and recover, corals depend on 2019 Laureate Emma Camp and her coral nurseries on the Great Barrier Reef.

Rolex’s ocean conservation efforts also extend to lands as far as Peru, where 2016 Laureate Kerstin Forsberg is the guardian of endangered manta rays and an advocate for ocean literacy.

With his roots in Australia, 2006 Laureate Brad Norman is the keeper of native whale sharks, employing sophisticated electronic tagging to protect the species.

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Walking the line between advanced technology and Mother Nature are the final Heroes of the Perpetual Planet. Exploring the icy, watery depths of the Chilean fjords of Patagonia, 2016 Laureate Vreni Häussermann uses cutting-edge mini submersibles to aid in underwater coral research.

Also doing his work among ice floes is 2002 Laureate Michel André, as he deploys pioneering technology in Antarctica to listen to the ocean’s pristine acoustics in an attempt to eradicate the threat of noise pollution.

Bringing up the rear is Ghislain Bardout, co-founder and leader of the Rolex-supported Under The Pole expeditions. Perhaps his most significant accomplishment is developing a special capsule that enables scientists to stay underwater for 72 hours at a time. Indeed, this groundbreaking technology paves the way for monumental scientific research, empowering ocean conservation and its fiercest advocates.

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