The founder of watch accessories brand Bezelhold tells us why he started his business and what makes his products special

What made you launch BezelHold?

I’ve lived in Hong Kong for over 20 years and have collected watches from a young age. I would store my watches in locked drawers and in secure safes, but as I began to travel more frequently, my storage routine involved wrapping my collection in plastic and placing my watches in impromptu velvet pouches. It was during these moments when I first felt that these precious pieces deserved more respect and care. This is where the idea for BezelHold was conceived. Presenting a brand online to the Asian market can be daunting at first, as a majority of consumers prefer the sensory experience of touch and feel before making a purchase. Our collection is on display and available at MisterChrono Hong Kong; this partnership allows collectors to experience our products first-hand and appreciate the designs in person.

What are some uniquely Asian considerations when it comes to product design?

Considering the limitation of space in Hong Kong, it is impractical to store watches in the watch manufacturer’s boxes that can store only a single watch. The Estate, one of our bestsellers, can hold up to ten watches securely. We also introduced compressible cushions. The majority of watch care products feature a “one-size-fits-all” cushion, which limits functionality, as individuals have varying wrist sizes, especially between men and women. The Hat-Trick features a unique adjustable cushion, allowing users to store their watches with ease. The heat and humidity in Asia not only damage watches but can also be detrimental to most leather and wooden articles. For our watch boxes and winders, we have applied a unique gloss finish which preserves the natural grain and longevity of the wood.

In addition to storage, what other functions do you provide with your line of products?

Our Watch Winders have a special “turns per day” system: the user is able to set each individual rotor to the requirements of their specific watch. This prevents the watches from being overwound, which grinds the gears and causes unnecessary wear and tear to the mechanical movement. Our fingerprint sensor also adds an extra layer of security. The sensor may be configured to identify multiple prints if you share the case with a loved one.

What is something you’d like to launch in the future?

We are currently designing products which will achieve further functionality and security by integrating GPS tracking and a range of hightech features.

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