You can now shop for affordable and elegant LVNA By Drake Dustin jewellery online through the new LVNA Global App. Simply download the app via Google Play or Apple Store!

Health and safety are our primary concerns these days. It's only wise to hold off shopping amidst the pandemic. Fortunately, you don't have to put a pause on buying your precious stones. Fine diamond jewellery retailer, LVNA By Drake Dustin, has just launched a global app—and we're more than ready to browse for some of the most coveted pieces from eight mall locations. The best part? You can conveniently access the app and buy pieces wherever you may be around the world.

Much like your usual visit to the mall, you'll find complete details of each piece of jewellery on the app. You'll also find other collections from all stores—all through the LVNA By Drake Dustin app.

You can dazzle the world without worrying about the future as each timeless LVNA By Drake Dustin piece is an investment that you can see, hold, and wear on any occasion. Need not worry about security as transactions made within the LVNA By Drake Dustin global app are easy and safe.

You may also visit the LVNA website, which was elegantly revamped, to view some of their jewellery. However, for a more convenient shopping experience, use the LVNA app so you can sit back and scroll through various collections of jewellery. You will also receive notifications for exclusive in-app discounts and offers.

The LVNA By Drake Dustin app was recently launched during the full moon, coinciding with its opening of its Peninsula Manila branch. But while many of us are staying home, you can always opt for a convenient way to visit the store through the LVNA global app.

Download the app now on both IOS & Android via Google Play and Apple Store. For updates, follow LVNA on Instagram and Facebook. To know more, visit