The infamously daring pop icon joins the Tudor family


When you try and think of a daring individual in today’s pop culture, it is hard to find anyone more fitting the description than Lady Gaga. Her stellar image and showmanship lies with her astounding voice, talent for performance, and provocative style—things that align with Tudor’s values of reinvention, pushing the boundaries, rejection of the status quo, and devotion to the classic.

As an artist, Lady Gaga keeps millions of fans and the fashion community on their toes. With six Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe, 150 million singles and over 30 million albums sold, she has achieved a level of fame and respect few entertainers ever have. All this is a result of her unique recipe for success: raw talent, hard work, bold choices, and immense gratitude to her legion of “little monsters.”


As a performer, Lady Gaga stages herself, crafting a revolutionary image as a way to reach the public through a comprehensive approach to art. She captures the current vibe with her mastery of pop and her acute sense of style. Meanwhile, her amazing vocal abilities belong on every stage—from the small-time NYC clubs where she debuted to Staples Centre.

Outside of her entertainment career, Lady Gaga is a vocal activist. Her message takes many shapes and forms, among which is music. She has championed numerous causes, including helping Haiti in 2010 and Japan in 2011, the movement against fur, and advocating for LGBT rights. Her own Born This Way foundation is committed to supporting the wellness of young people and empowering them to create a kinder and braver world.


As a dynamic performer and celebrity, Lady Gaga knows full well that an outfit sends a powerful message, with every accessory shaping her image. Lady Gaga wears the Black Bay 41-mm— versatile, timeless, and authentic, very much like the lady herself.

Photos: courtesy of Tudor

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