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If there's a brand that knows how to throw a party, it's Cartier. At their recent Panthère de Cartier party in Singapore, the brand had performance from the likes of DJ Dash Berlin and trance vocalist Emma Hewitt, along with a champagne bottle vending machine—and of course the red-clad boys ready to pop it for you. 

It's no surprise, then, that the subject of the celebration, the newly-revamped Panthère de Cartier watch, is possibly the greatest belle of the ball.

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The panther (the big cat) has been an icon for the maison since the early 20th century, thanks in large part to a painting that Louis Cartier himself commissioned called Woman With A Panther, by artist George Barbier. Cartier was said to have liked the painting so much that the panther soon became a symbol for Maison Cartier. Fast forward to the 1983, when the house launched its first Panthère de Cartier—a bracelet watch, set with onyx and diamonds. While the watch became an icon for the house and was immensely popular among Cartier admirants, it was sadly discontinued in the early 2000s.

Fortunately for us, however, the watch has now made a comeback, sleeker and sexier than ever. Its square-in-rounded-square case is typical of the Cartier heritage, and all of the codes of the house are made present, including the signature Roman numerals, railroad track, and rounded cabochon on the crown. Our personal favourite is the version crafted from pink gold with links of black lacquer, but being a child of Cartier, the Panthère also comes in its full jewellery watch form, fully paved with diamonds and black enamel panther spots. To see the various versions available, simply click through the gallery below.

Scroll through the gallery below for a closer look at the pieces:

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