In celebration of Tudor’s #BornToDare spirit, Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou stars in a self-directed commercial for the Swiss watchmaker

Although best known for his work as a singer-songwriter and actor, Mandopop megastar Jay Chou is also well-known for another long-standing passion: his love for magic. Having been fascinated by magicians from an early age, Chou has picked up his fair share of magic tricks over the years. This year, the singer demonstrated his sleight of hand in a commercial for Swiss watchmaker Tudor in celebration of the marque’s #BornToDare spirit. The short video, which was directed by Chou, showcases Tudor’s 2021 release, the Black Bay Chrono watch. 

A collectors’ favourite, the Black Bay Chrono was inspired by the aquatic heritage of the brand, as well as its history of professional motorsports racing. This sleek timepiece—which is offered in two colourways: black dial with silver counters, and opaline dial with black counters—blends classic aesthetic elements of both the worlds of diving and racing, perfectly embodying the brand’s #BornToDare philosophy.

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The commercial—Chou’s second entirely self-directed one for the brand—shows the Taiwanese visiting a Tudor boutique, hoping to snag a Black Bay Chrono of his own. After unsuccessfully trying to catch the attention of the sales associates, Chou takes matters into his own hands, reaching through the glass of the display case to the amazement of those around him. 

Inspired by the playful worlds Chou is known to create with his art and music, this short film exemplifies the Taiwanese singer’s daring nature and how he never shies away from creative projects.

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Of course, that leads us to the burning question: how did he do it? Not even the production crew knew—in true magician fashion, Chou had requested the entire crew save the cameraman leave the set while he carried out the illusion. Even a behind-the-scenes clip shared to the singer’s Instagram account doesn’t reveal the secrets behind the magic trick, showing just skilled Chou is at what he does.