Director of Keyestone Properties Edwin Pun tells us why failure is the key to success

Fresh faced and impeccably dressed, Hong Kong A-lister Edwin Pun showed up on the morning of our shoot looking relaxed and greeted the crew with a bright smile. Having just returned to Hong Kong from London, Edwin showed no signs of jet lag, instead exuding an easy elegance wearing the Breguet Classique 5177 Grand Feu Blue Enamel, which fittingly complements his charming personality with its rich blue colour.

Anyone meeting Edwin Pun for the first time would be pleasantly surprised by how down to earth he is—after all, he’s the youngest son of Benson Pun, chairman of Keyestone Properties, which develops residential and commercial real estate in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

In his role as director, Edwin oversees all design-related aspects of the company’s projects and helps drive business development alongside his parents.

“I look up to my dad and my mum equally; they’re both very entrepreneurial, extremely hardworking and unflinchingly strong.” says Edwin. “My dad is a trailblazing entrepreneur who believes in conquering the impossible. When he has an idea, he’ll execute it with great gusto. My mum is a superwoman—not only does she take care of everything in the household, she’s also a very intelligent businesswoman. I’d say that if I could be just as half as intelligent and determined as they are, I’d be pretty happy with myself.”

Edwin’s father, Benson Pun, is his everyday mentor. “My dad has always provided me with a safety net for failure. He believes that failure is part of the process and that it’s better to fail in a safe environment than elsewhere,” says Edwin. But working in a family business is not without its challenges. “Sometimes it’s not easy to get his buy-in on a new idea I want to pursue because at the end of the day he always sees me as a kid. He wants to make sure everything I do is meaningful, purposeful and of course profitable for the business.” he says, laughing.

But it’s not all about profits, either. The company itself prides itself in its motto “building perfection on strong foundations,” which Edwin says “means everything you do now is building blocks towards building something solid. Keyestone’s value is very much similar to that of Breguet’s, which is embedded with a strong commitment to innovation,” he explains. “Just as the Breguet Classique 5177 Grand Feu Blue Enamel references traditionally blued steel watch hands, I also enjoy renovating classics with different designers to create and conjure a unique destination, be it a hotel, a residential building or a shopping mall, so we can introduce a new identity to that particular project.”

Speaking of identity, Edwin defines success as making a positive imprint on people, rather than his architectural achievements. “The legacy I want to leave behind would not be a structure or anything tangible but instead something like an ethical will that documents the defining moments of my life, my wisdom, my values, my knowledge and life lessons.”

Above Video: Kevin Cheung/Hong Kong Tatler

And therein lies the living legacy of Edwin Pun: behind his hard work and grand visions lies a supportive family and a relentless desire to build a better future.

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